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  • The Colony Of Algeria

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    The colony of Algeria was one of many that were established by the French in order to rectify their diminishing image on an international scale. Throughout history the nation of France has seemed to be in the shadows of Great Britain, as well as struggling to keep up with their advancements. Throughout the 19th century, France experienced its fair share of losses, bad leaders, and through their eyes, national embarrassment. The new republic signified a New France, and imperialistic pursuits were

  • Sociolinguistic in Algeria "Summary"

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    Several factors have been responsible for the complexity reflected in today’s linguistic situation in Algeria, some being historical, others political and still others socio-cultural. It is undeniable that, as a consequence of the diverse events that the country has gone through, the Algerian society has acquired a distinctive identity whose particular dynamic intra-and inter-lingual variation can clearly be attested in the way(s) people speak in comparison with the two countries, morocco and Tunisia

  • The Algeria Cultural Identity

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    Algeria is a North African Mediterranean Country, dominantly populated by Sunni Muslims. Multiple Arabic and Berber dialects are spoken throughout the land. The majority of North African countries have defined cultural identifies, however Algeria lacks a firm cultural foundation and has become somewhat of a piecemeal (Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, 2011). Algeria was not always been independent and has been a part of several border and authority changes. Since its independency

  • Descriptive Essay About Algeria

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    Algeria Algeria, a country in northern Africa, is where my family comes from. Specifically, I am a Berber from the northern part of Algeria. My family originate from turkey and Saudi Arabia but they have settled down in Algeria for a very long time. Many people misconstrue the true meaning of a Berber and assume Algerians are just Arabs who cannot speak “proper” Arabic. However, Berber is a completely different language than Arabic. Algeria has many different languages and dialects; almost every

  • Geography: Canary Islands and Algeria

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    weather, however, Morocco has a population of 33 million people, according to the website. Morocco is located in the Maghreb region of North Africa which is in the upper left hand side of Africa next to the Canary Islands and Algeria. Morocco is known for its rugged mountainous interior and large portions of desert. The climate is Mediterranean in the north and in some mountains, which becomes more extreme towards the interior regions. Morocco has approximately 12% of forests

  • The Accomplishments of Bouteflika's Presidency in Algeria

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    second was the consequence of a catastrophic socio-economic situation attributed to the legacy of decades of statist economics (Bouandel 25-26). The third was the harmful product of the isolation of Algeria from the rest of the world, or what Hugh Roberts called “the virtual quarantine in which Algeria had been confined since 1994” (“Demilitarising ...” 1). In the course of his tenure, he brought about national reconciliation, recovered and reformed the stalled Algerian economy and restored what he

  • French Decolonization: Conflict in Algeria

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    Post-Colonionalism French decolonization: Conflict in Algeria Burianchello Content: Introduction.........................................................................................................3 The emergence of the French colonies...............................................................3 The emergence of the French colonies in the territory of Algeria......................4 The system of colonial rule in Algeria......................................................

  • The Invasion of Algeria by France Essay

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    France invaded Algeria to bring the “blessings of colonization. The main objective for the French invading Algeria was for economic gain and become known as one the most superior and dominant nations of Europe. France changed the lives of many Africans which led to Algerians applying for citizenship in their own country. The Algerians endured many hardships after the French came into the picture. Things did not change for the better, but for the worst. The French “imposed more and higher taxes

  • Cultural Identity In Algeria

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    Algeria is a country with a complex and hard earned cultural identity. As the largest landmass on the African continent situated on the Mediterranean Sea it has a rich history as a major port city, linking Africa and European trading economies. Algeria’s geographic situation is of such a valuable position that France was willing to spill the blood of her sons for seven years fighting for control over its former colony. It is because of this hard fought independence from the oppressive imperialistic

  • Algeria 's Cultural Identity And Culture

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    Algeria is located in North Africa, bordered in the northeast by Tunisia, the east by Libya the west by Morocco. The north land of Algeria is mountainous and very fertile, while the south is integrated with parts of the Sahara desert. The desert makes up more than 80% of Algeria. Algeria is 919,590 square miles making it the second largest country on the African Continent and the tenth largest country in the world. Culture is comprised of many different elements. Algeria is rich in culture and