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  • Alpen Bank

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    Problem Statement Six years after the successful implementation of Alpen Bank in Romania in the years 2000, Gregory Carle the country manager is wondering whether Alpen Bank should consider launching a credit card in the market. In order for the launch to be profitable several points have to be clarified such as who would the company target, what would be the positioning of this new card and how should it be marketed. Situation Analysis Context: After a period of recession, the economy in Romania

  • Weaknesses Of Alpen Bank

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    competitor in the market of Romania. The bank has gained high recognition in the European and American countries which is its key strength for further moving in Romania. Moreover, it is also serving in the western area so it will not be difficult for bank to establish introduce credit card system in Romania. The vast experience of management in the banking industry is also considered as the key strength for Alpen Bank. Another major strength of Alpen is that bank is having loyal affluent customers which

  • Alpen Bank Case - Paper

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    Case Analysis Alpen Bank: Launching the Credit Card in Romania                                                                Case Overview: In this case Alpen bank’s country manager Carle has to make a crucial decision whether or not they should go for the credit card business in Romania. The bank has to come up with a solid market strategy that can generate at least €5 million in profit within 2 years. Before bringing this business to the market the Bank has to analyze whether an opportunity

  • Alpen Bank Case Study Solution

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    Alpen Bank Individual Case Study Vidushi Mankotia BA 627 Marketing Management Prof. Gonzales | Fowler School of Business November 27th, 2017 Problem Statement: Alpen, a Swiss bank, which was positioned in high earner segment, is contemplating international expansion for its credit card business in Romania market. Carle, Alpen’s country manager, was trying to pursue this plan if he could prove by analysis that within two years it will be able to generate

  • Case Analysis for Alpen Bank

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    11/6/12 Case Analy sis f or Alpen Bank Case Analysis: Alpen Bank The main issue that Alpen bank is facing is whether or not they should launch the credit card business in the Romania market and which group of target audience they should select while applying the launching strategy. Moreover, specifically to Carle, he needs to come up with a program from which, Alpen bank can generate at least €5 million in profit within 2 years. Moreover, clarified positioning strategy and customer segmentation

  • Core Banking Solutions

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    special reference to Shreyas Grameen Bank. • To identify and discuss various issues related with the automization of Banks. • To define various Core Banking Services provided by Indian Banks. • To identify and determine the causes of CBS becoming a nightmare. • To determine the effects of the implementation of CBS on consumers, banks and the economy as a whole. • To

  • Risk Management in Banking Sector

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    management of various types of risks. • Having an insight into the practical aspects of the working of various departments. SCOPE OF THE STUDY The report seeks to present a comprehensive picture of the various risks inherent in the bank. The risks can be broadly classified into three categories: • Credit risk • Market risk • Operational risk Within each of these broad groups, an attempt has been made to cover as comprehensively as possible, the various sub-groups The computation

  • Essay on The Return of the Ruined Banker

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    the entire community, John Parker’s career ended in disgrace. The youthful bank president speculated in cotton and invested the bank’s money, only to lose it all, when the price of cotton dropped, and he could not cover the losses. Because federal money was deposited in The First National Bank, General Swayne, a commanding officer of the United States troops in the Selma district moved in quickly, closed the bank and had Parkman arrested. (Windham and Figh, 81) Parkman was taken under guard

  • Business in Singapore

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    cosmopolitan labour force, and a robust legal/judicial system. These competitive factors have set Singapore apart from other locations, winning several accolades including: § The world’s easiest place to do business (Doing Business 2011 Report, World Bank); § Best Business Environment in Asia Pacific and world-wide (Country Forecasts, December 2009, Economist Intelligence Unit); § World leader in foreign trade and investment (The

  • The Impact of Information Technology on the Bank Performance (Nigeria in Perspectives)

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    THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE BANK PERFORMANCE (NIGERIA IN PERSPECTIVES) BY HASSAN KAWU A DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING NIGER STATE POLY BIDA CAMPUS ABSTRACT Some of the topical issues posing serious challenges to both the public and private sectors are advances in technology. The sector that has been most radically affected by these developments is the financial sectors. The information technology has become a critical business resource because