Amyl nitrite

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  • The Use of Drugs as a Recreation Essay

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    Amyl Nitrite has a chemical formula of C5H11ONO and because it is a nitrite and is non-reactive it belongs to the Alkyl groups of elements. Amyl Nitrite is used as a vasodilator in the medical field meaning that it helps widen the blood vessels by the relaxation of the smooth muscle in the body and with the proper dosage can

  • Inhalants: A Cheap, Easy and Deadly High Essay

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    Nitrites are a group of chemicals including cyclohexyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, and butyl nitrite. Instead of acting on the central nervous system for the euphoric effect, nitrites dilate blood vessels, relax the muscles, and are used for sexual enhancement (NDIC, 2001). Amyl nitrite consists of a clear, yellowish liquid that is sold in a cloth, covered sealed bulb. This type of nitrite is also known as a snapper or popper because the bulb makes

  • Nitrates And Nitrites Lab Report

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    disease processes and age, factor into the excretion of nitrates and nitrites via the urinary tract. For instance, infants pose a greater susceptibility for toxicity. The presence of bacteria in their gastrointestinal tract elicit a greater conversion percentage of nitrates to nitrites. This conversion creates more nitric oxide metabolites which can cause a reduction in available oxygen in the blood. The elimination of nitrates and nitrites concentrated in urine may give an indication of the synthases taking

  • Misconceptions Of Nitrates And Nitrites

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    The Misconception Concerning Nitrates and Nitrites With new advances in technology and innovations in the medical field, the implementation of chemicals and preservatives into consumables has changed the way food is manufactured. Recently, negative light has surrounded the products that include these additives. More specifically, the consumption of nitrates and nitrites has caught the attention of many and led to further investigations concerning this topic to decipher the possible health risks

  • The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Children

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    Section A: According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH), inhalants are not classified on the drug schedule due to the difficulty of regulating the numerous products that can be inhaled or ingested (National Institute on Drug Abuse, date accessed 9/8/16). Most of the drugs that are being inhaled are aerosols, solvents, and gases that are found in many household products (National Institute on Drug Abuse, date accessed 9/8/16). There is a classification system used when talking about inhalants

  • The Physiological Effect Of Nitric Oxide

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    colorless, odorless, highly diffusible, but nonflammable unless mixed with another gas. In 1876 a physician named Thomas Lauder Brunton recognized the physiological effects of nitric oxide by experimenting with his patients. Thomas Lauder Brunton placed nitrite drops on a piece of clothing for his patients to inhaled and noticed a rapid

  • Essay On Sildenafil

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    What is Sildenafil?Sildenafil is sold under the brand name Viagra and its generic version is knows as generic Sildenafil or generic Viagra. The tablets come in strengths, which vary from 25mg to Sildenafil 100mg; the initial dose is typically 25mg and the dose could be further adjusted once the patient's response and tolerance to the medication are evaluated. The pills work within an hour and their effect lasts for approximately four hours.Do not take more than one pill per day, and do not increase

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ancaine

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    Anacaine Americaine Hemorrhoidal/ Anbesol Gel/ Hurricaine/ Benzodent/ Cepacol Extra Strength/ Dent-O-Kain/Oral Pain Relief/Retre-Gel/ Solarcaine Aerosol/ Stik/ Sting-Kill/ Topex/Feminine Cream Benzocaine topical BRAND Painful Hemorrhoids and/ or Fissures, local anesthesia, external burns, pruritus, stomatitis, oral thrush, painful sore throat Anacaine is among the many anesthetic agents available in the market. Anacaine is available either as lozenges, aerosols, gel, pastes or solutions. Anacaine

  • Gateway Drugs

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    Gateway Drugs and Common Drug Abuse The oldest known written record of drug use is a clay tablet from the ancient Sumerian civilization of the Middle East. This tablet, made in the 2000 's B.C., lists about a dozen drug prescriptions. An Egyptian scroll from bout 1550 B.C. names more than 800 prescriptions containing about 700 drugs. The ancient Chinese, Greek and Romans also used many drugs. The Greeks and Romans used opium to relieve pain. The Egyptians used castor oil as a laxative. The Chinese

  • The History of AIDS and HIV

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    In this HHMI lecture, the speaker, Dr. Ojiktu, combined basic research and clinical and public health work in her talk just as she does in her everyday work life. She is a medical doctors that sees many patients between the Boston area and a South African province in which 1 and 5 people are infected with the a virus that causes aids. She discuses the microscopic realm of the virus and virus infected cells to AIDS therapies. Dr. Ojiktu treats people with HIV and other infectious diseases. She enjoys