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    An Indigenous girls basketball team from northern Manitoba scored a slam dunk after four months of fundraising efforts enabled them to practice with a Toronto Raptor and play in a Toronto basketball tournament. This is an opportunity that players from the remote First Nation’s community of God’s Lake Narrows just don’t get, said the team’s coach Kishma Davidson. “It’s going to show them that dreams do come true and it’s also going to show them that determination does work and working hard and having

  • A Brief Description of the Concept of Courtly Love

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    eleventh century. It consists on the expression of love in its most sincere, chivalric and noble form. It tended to be chaste and adulterous. It was also secret and, in general, always took place between the members of the higher classes of society. Andreas Capellanus defines it in The Art of Courtly Love as “the pure love which binds together the hearts of two lovers with every feeling of delight. This kind consists on the contemplation of the mind and the affection of the heart; it goes as far as the

  • Andre The Last Of The Great Humanist Architects

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    perhaps the most important of all, Andrea Palladio. Widely regarded as the most influential and famous architect in the Western world, Andrea Palladio was “the last of the great Humanist architects” (Trachtenburg, 2002, p. 311). Since it is impossible to encompass all of Palladio’s accomplishments in one single essay, this paper will aim to give a detailed overview of Andrea’s early life, influences, greatest works, and his Palladian following. Originally born Andrea Di Pietro della Gondola in Padua

  • Organizational Behaviour: the Devil Wears Prada

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    another allows for an understanding of “how people think, feel and act” within an organization, also referred to as the study of organizational behaviour. The movie The Devil Wears Prada, set at Runway fashion magazine in New York City, is the story of Andrea "Andy" Sachs, an aspiring journalist who gets the job that “a million girls would kill for”. She is hired as the second assistant to Miranda Priestly, the powerful and ruthless executive of the magazine. The job is her stepping stone into the

  • The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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    Good is taught, Evil is born. In society we are taught to be nice, helpful and kind human beings. But does our true morals as humans lie deeper with in us? Are we as humans born to accomplish moral good? Or is our story as humans in society twisted. William Golding book “The Lord Of The Flies” we see prime examples on how humans are born evil, and its society that keeps this evil contained in all of us, Society hides us from our true selves. In my essay i will be highlighting key points about how

  • Andrea Di Pietro Della Gondola

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    The Renaissance produced one of the most influential figures with great skill and craftsmanship. Andrea Di Pietro della Gondola known as Andrea Palladio born in November 8, 1508 in Padua was one of the most influential figures of the Renaissance architecture. At age thirteen Palladio was a stone cutter and then moved nearby Venice. During his training in the Northern Italy in Vicenza in 1524, Palladio was trained as a stonemason and later on his patron, Giangiorgio Trissino, granted Palladio an opportunity

  • Andrea Yates : Mother Or Monster

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    Andrea Yates: Mother or Monster Mothers are nurturing caregivers. Caregivers who have always done and thought of what is best for their children. Nevertheless, what happens when the nurturing mother becomes the monster? What causes them to undergo such a drastic transformation? Let us look at Andrea Yates. In Houston, Texas Andrea Yates was born on July 2, 1964, and raised as a devout Roman Catholic. Montaldo (2016) reports that Andrea Yates graduated from Milby High School in 1982 with high

  • What Does The Appalachian Mountain And The Teatro Olimpico?

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    What does the Appalachian Mountain and the Teatro Olimpico have in common? They are the oldest surviving of its kind. The Teatro Olimpico. Located in Vicenza, Italy, it is the oldest theatre surviving from the Renaissance. Designed by architect Andrea Palladio, its construction started in 1580 and took five years to create. It was designed as a miniature indoor Roman theatre that can fit up to 3,000 people. This theatre had a lot of unique features that exuded Italian Renaissance. The stage was

  • Sula Character Analysis

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    In the novel “Sula”, the two main characters are used by the author to show that appearances don’t tell the full story and we have more in common than it may seem. One character is Nel Wright. She is a lighter skinned black girl who grew up in a strict, religious household. She is more calculated in her thoughts. The other character is Sula Peace. She is a darker skin girl who grew up in a boarding house with many different types of people. Sula is more instinctual with her actions and she doesn’t

  • The Character of Richard III as Shakespeare Presents Him to Us

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    The Character of Richard III as Shakespeare Presents Him to Us Shakespeare presents Richard to us in a very negative way. Richard is portrayed as an evil person who is attracted to the power that the throne could bring him and would take whatever risk is necessary. Driven by his need for power he manipulates and murders his way to the throne. Richard shows himself as a manipulator right from the start of the play. He tricks Clarence and makes him think that he has