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  • The Importance Of An Important Role Within Society

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    Archivists play an important role within society. Historically, archives were centered on the preservation of materials (Vassilakaki & Moniarou-Papaconstantinou, (2017). As the centuries passed, the role of the archivist expanded the schooling necessary to work as an archivist became more complex, and the field of archival science developed into what it is today. In the scope of library professions, the number of archivists is still quite small. As of April 2015, there were approximately 166,200

  • Archive And Archivist: What Is An Archive?

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    Archive and Archivist What is an archive? An archive is a large and varied collection of historical documents, records or objects. . It is an extensive record or collection of data. An archive contains objects or documents of a particular type or interest. For example a historical archivist keeps documents of historical value. Any one who is a graduate can become an archivist. Types of archives: Society of American Archivists (SAA) describes the following types of archives- 1. College and University

  • Romeo And Juliet Past And Future Essay

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    Lady Juliet has placed one foot in the past and one in the present. As Lady Juliet reads out loud from her diaries, her voice is described by one of the archivists as a “song” and how “the voice then quavers - cracks and is reduced to a helpless whisper.” The total “effect” of Lady Juliet’s voice is described as, “both magical and devastating - for you know that what you hear is the voice of someone near death - and the wisdom remains a child’s.” (143). Just as the past and the present are contradictions

  • Public Historian Research Paper

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    learning about what the job of a public historian entails, but I can say that public historians wear many different hats because work in this field is very diverse. I believe that public historians work as archivists and the sub-fields of public history include museum professionals, archivists, curators, oral historians, historic preservationist, professors, and teachers. They can also work as government and business historians, historical consultants, cultural resource managers, film and media producers

  • Action Plan For The University Library

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    Action Plan For The University Archives Erietta Papadopoulou Archivist and Records Manager Friday 31st, October 2014 Preface The following draft action plan was prepared in view of the measures that would need to be taken after a fire in a repository, belonging to a university college established in the nineteenth century. The basic points included in the plan are appraisal of the damage, conservation of the damaged building and material, implementation of actions and a risk management plan

  • Coffee House Reflection: Earleen Glaser

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    attended the Coffee House session live on November 15th at 8:30 PM to interact with Earleen Glaser of Mercyhurst University. Ms. Glaser is the current University Archivist and Librarian for Mercyhurst, holding this role for the past twenty-eight years. Prior to this role, she was the Reference Librarian where she worked with the previous archivist, Sister Mary Lawrence Franklin. She received her undergraduate degree with Edinboro University and then pursued a Master’s of Library Science at Clarion University

  • Archival Silences

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    made by Carter as well as its relation to archival theory. Through the analysis of Carter’s article, archival theories of “silence”, “social memory” and archives as a space of power are prevalent and part-take in larger discussions on the role of archivists that are currently on-going. Furthermore, it can be useful to compare Carter’s theory on silence in archives, silence as power and social memory when looking at archival theories and methodologies such as appraisal and asking who should have the

  • Digital Curation Task Force Case Study

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    The University Archivist will be the most significant ally to the Digital Archivist in the execution of the digital curation plan. A digital repository would make the archives more visible and be a valuable resource to many on campus and beyond. 3. Archives Assistant In addition to performing general

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Records

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    previous phase, means that no more evidence to be kept. But, through many phases changes, the valuable records still can be protected with the awareness of the organization, individual and the archivists. They controlled every steps by following the regulations stated in the act of archive. For example, the archivist needs to protect the rights of individuals and organization very well, so that the contents are not damaged. The Director General might may not give the permission to the person who is unauthorized

  • Essay on Ala Code of Ethics

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    In today’s world, individuals can make a single decision that can have a positive or negative effect on their family, coworkers, friends, or on the entire world. However, the life we lead can reflect our personal character. Therefore, personal ethics are different for each one of us. However, when we work in a professional career, we have our own work character to reflect on. What is professional ethics? “Professional ethics concerns the moral issues that arise because of the specialist knowledge