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  • The Hook Shot Essay

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    The Hook Shot It was my junior year and football season was over. We had won the state championship. It was time to relax and enjoy basketball season. Basketball season was always a fun time. I was a grade younger than most of my friends who were on the team. I was always the kid that was brought up to sit on the bench or be the sixth man. I never really got too much playing time, however, sometimes if there was a big man on the other team, or some sort of foul trouble for one of the seniors

  • The Bombing Of The United States

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    On the fateful day of May 13th 1985, the police decided to bomb the compound of the radical, motivated organization called MOVE. Leading up to the final confrontation, MOVE had been involved in many standoffs with the Philadelphia police and city government. Regardless of the complexity of the situation, there are no circumstances when dropping a bomb onto a residential neighborhood onto a house, full of men, women, and children, would be acceptable. The officials commanding the operation lacked

  • From Milton Mirkin to Toni Cade Essays

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    Many writers are influenced by the life they live and the world around them, and Miltona Mirkin Cade is no different. Miltona Mirkin Cade was influenced by the black community and women’s organizations. ( Milton Mirkin Cade was born on March 25, 1939 in New York City. As a child she spent most of her years with her mother, Helen Brent Henderson, and her brother, Walter. She and her family moved often but she came to call the communities of New York City and New Jersey home. (www

  • Personal Narrative: How Moving Changed My Life

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    stressful and exciting adventure. When it comes to moving, I think about the heavy large brown boxes full of clothing, the large three-ton orange and white U-Haul truck and the sore achy muscles that comes along the day after the move. Some people like to hire people to help them move, but every time I’ve moved it was only me, my mother, my younger brother, and some of my brother’s friends if we were lucky. Moving can also be a learning experience that can lead you down the path of stress, anger, fear, and

  • The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara

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    In many pieces of classic literature, the theme is often misinterpreted. Poems, sonnets, and short stories frequently have misleading titles that put false ideas into the readers’ minds. Readers often begin reading a work with a biased opinion of the contents of the story. The superficial theme of a story is obvious, but the less obvious theme can have the most powerful message. In Toni Cade Bambara’s short story, “The Lesson,” the apparent theme is poverty and wealth, but the true theme is the misapprehension

  • Move Movement In Philadelphia

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    called “MOVE” was well known in the city of Philadelphia. This group lived in an unorthodox manner, catching everyone’s attention as they stood out and upset societal expectations. With persistent public demonstrations of racism and police brutality over the years, this group turned violent in order to express themselves and act in self-defense. As the whole city festered hatred and fear for this group, the public and police force unified to rid this group out of Philadelphia. The members of MOVE started

  • The MOVE Organization vs Philadelphia Police Essay example

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    The MOVE Organization surfaced in Philadelphia in the early 1970’s. The MOVE movement was one of “back-to-nature,” which was poorly understood by their urban neighbors and the local government and possibly by the organization itself (McCoy). John Africa, who is said to have been illiterate, founded MOVE. It was a loosely organized and sparsely populated organization. I argue that the failure of MOVE to “bow to the man” and the lack of police and government self-control, led to the abuse of power

  • Marriage and Respect in "The Awakening" and "The Revolt of ‘Mother"

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    accepting time. They are both strong willed characters. They both believe strongly enough in themselves that they will go to the extremes. Sarah moves out of her house. As does Edna, and they both do so against their husband’s wills. Neither of their husbands wants to have their wives move out of their houses, but they both do so and even go as far as to move their stuff with them. Edna only

  • Summary of The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara Essay examples

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    The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara The Lesson, by Toni Cade Bambara, portrays a group of children living in the slums of New York City around 1972. They seem to be content living in poverty in some very unsanitary conditions. One character, Miss Moore, the children’s self appointed mentor, takes it upon herself to further their education during the summer months. She feels this is her civic duty because she is educated. She used F.A.O. Schwarz, a very expensive toystore, to teach them a lesson

  • The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara

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    by Toni Cade Bambara, she relates teaching a life changing lesson to the character Sylvia. Sylvia is a very strong willed young lady who is challenged with poverty in her neighborhood. The story begins with Miss Moore, an educated black woman who moves in the neighborhood. Sylvia hated Miss Moore, because she would always volunteer to take Sylvia and her cousin Sugar on educational outings. The parents of the young children really disliked and talked about Miss Moore, but they would still allow