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  • A Short Summary Of Angel's Team

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    This story starts out in a small town in Missouri, where these little kids; Landyn Ward, Angel Kaipat, T.J. Barker, Nathan Barker, and Ben Watkins. Everyday these boys would always go to there church and shoot some hoops in the gym. Landyn was this 7’0 skinny kid and was an outstanding stealer, Angel was this 6’5 kid and his 3 point range is ridiculous and can shoot those 2’s from anywhere. T.J. is this 6’8 and a total tank, his dunking ability is insane! Ben Watkins is 6’4 and his ability to hit

  • Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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    school game at Chino Hills with my best friend Lonzo Ball. It was the State Championship against Mater Dei. College scouts were scattered over the whole stadium! I want to impress the UCLA scout because Lonzo had committed there and i want to play basketball with my best friend. If i could get scholarship to UCLA it would be amazing. “Chardee this your time to shine let’s get out there and do what we do best.” Lonzo told me. “You’re right, you better make me look good out there with all of the NCAA

  • Saturday Value Play Analysis

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    Eight games are are back in action this Saturday in the NBA. Today’s slate provides a solid mix of high-scoring totals and key defensive matchups for us to target and exploit in our DFS lineups. Let's take a look at today's value plays. Saturday Value Plays Point Guard John Wall vs NYK, $9,900: Wall is in this midst of one his most productive stretches of this season, having double-doubled in six of the past seven games. The matchup today against the Knicks is about as good as it gets, with Jose

  • The Problem Of West Mendham

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    In theory and in practice, it is always a dangerous idea to “look the other way” in order to fulfil one’s own selfish needs. It is even more dangerous when a casting body of authority decides to turn a blind eye because they perceive the benefits to outweigh the cost. In a nutshell, this is what the town decision makers of West Mendham are dealing with. They are blinded by short term gains and thus fail to see the long term effect of the agreement made with Pyle Associates. This is not to say development

  • Jump Shot In Basketball

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    Basketball is one of my favorite sports, and is one of the most watched and played sports all around the world. In basketball a jump shot makes it easier to score the basketball faster. Jump shots can be a deadly weapon against your opponents, because it comes down to something they cannot stop. An incorrect jump shot will have more miss shots than made shots, but a correct jump shot will have more made shots than miss shots. Everyone wants a correct jump shot, but sadly a correct jump shot isn’t

  • The Common Technique for Free Throw

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    Introduction The basketball game played by two teams consisting of five players. In the basketball game, the basketball player tries to outscore their opponent by passing, handling or dribbling the basketball into position for shooting the ball into their offensive basket. When either of the team player violated or foul, the fouled player attempts a free-throw of the ball changes (Mood, Masker & Rink, 1991). The free drop is important later in the game because of the free throws comprise a significantly

  • Origin Of Basketball History Essay

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    did the history of basketball start out and where will it be in the future? These are some of the many questions that will be talked about during my time writing this essay. Some of the many questions that will be answered my be controversial to some and interesting for others. There are many ways I can talk about basketball but in this essay the points I make will come from historical facts and analysis. This is an essay that will tell you the reader about the origin of basketball and where it is headed

  • Point Guard Vs Shooting Guard Essay

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    I'm comparing and contrasting two basketball positions, point guard and shooting guard. These two positions are alike and different in many ways. One way I'm focusing on is, what are their responsibilities? The next thing that I'm focusing on is, do these two players work together? The last thing that I'm focusing on is how tall do you have to be for these two positions? Some people may think that point and shooting guards do the same thing. Most of the things they do are similar, but there are

  • Essay on Basketball Shooting

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    Basketball Shooting - The Art & Science of Shooting a Basketball Basketball Shooting Is Both Art and Science Fundamentals of Shooting A Basketball By Coach Jerry Tarkanian Shooting a basketball is both an art and a science. Basketball shooting is an art form because it involves finely tuned hand-eye coordination rather than gross motor skills. For example, unlike such skills as the defensive stance and pivoting, which are relatively invariable, shooting form is highly individualistic. There is no

  • Essay On Leadership Application

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    Organization (CYO) basketball coach comes to mind. After completing an interview along with certification courses, I became the head coach of a 6th grade basketball team at St. Aloysius in Bowling Green, Ohio. I classify this as a contribution to society because I made it my mission to help my players grow as both basketball players and as young men. It was my job to relay the abundance of basketball and life information I had accrued throughout the years. I took this volunteer-based position very seriously