Battle tactics

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  • Ancient Greek Battle Tactics

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    lead to battles, battles have a victor, and the victors tell our history. The Phalanx, an ancient Greek battle technique, was significant because of its basic design and evolution over time. Its triumphant creation, first use in the battle of Marathon, and the greeks realization on the importance of battle strategy. With new battle technology and techniques arising all around, the phalanx was designed to lead the users to victory, by protecting the wounded and creating a shield. Battle methods

  • Viking Battle Tactics

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    Viking battle tactics and weaponry continues to impact our world today. From the unique technique that the Viking performs in battle to the powerful weapons used. The Vikings were the first and probably the last to introduce their unique battle tactic. Which is that they had no professional standing army and did not fight regular formations (Viking Weapons and Warfare). The formation was to charge towards their enemies all at once, catching their enemies off guard and giving the Vikings the advantage

  • Essay on Medieval Battle Tactics

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    Medieval Battle Tactics      Medieval tactics were essential for an attack or siege of a castle. Many tactics and strategies helped develop much-improved version of an attacking artifact, like weapons and sieging machinery. The knights of Medieval England which were the cavalry, improved as the years went by, but never actually had any tactics or strategies. The usual knight would just go out there and fight. The knights were the counter offensive against a small siege, but they were ineffective

  • Document 3 : Carpini On Battle Tactics

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    Vietnam to Syria. Though they were successful with much of their battles within the 13th century, they were nicknamed the barbarians. This is because of how barbaric and brutal their actions were in their time of attainment of the land. The Mongols have been known as the most Barbaric of their time and as of now there has been no tribe or group of people who would could be compared to them. In Document 3 “Carpini on Battle Tactics”, the author displays a way in how brutal the Mongols really were

  • Essay on Vietnam - Weapons And Battle Tactics

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    political events that leads to physical involvement in the form of armed combat. Technology is a major deciding factor in war, along with the battle tactics used, terrain, experience and professionalism of the opposing forces. By 1961 both the United States and Vietnam had developed a broad array of guns and weapons to fight off one another. Coupled with battle tactics this provides a deadly and extremely hostile environment. In the beginning of the war the weapon of choice for the support troops was

  • The Dark Ways And Savage Battle Tactics

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    Elvellyn With glowing eyes, mysterious ways and savage battle tactics, Elvellyn are often mistaken for demons and are widely feared by those who know of them. Pack Mentality Elves are commonly seen as a gentle, slow moving and tree hugging race among many humans. However, this could not be further from the truth. When in their element the Elvellyn are not only graceful and mysterious but quite brutal and unforgiving. Among their own race many see each other as family, or pack. But outsiders and

  • Types Of Special Force From Each Country

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    They would easily get mowed down in droves by machine guns, blown apart by artillery, or picked off by a sniper. These multiple empires were losing men way too fast, They needed to come up with new tactics to infiltrate an enemy trench instead of just sending everyone out there to be killed. ( )The allies came up with the idea to create giant

  • The Problem Of Total Joint Force

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    The problem the total Joint Force (JF) 2025 will face will be consistent emerging “gray zone” threats that include hybrid and near peer competitors trying to tip the balance in the global security environment. In addition, as the Department of Defense (DOD) learned from past wars while its resources reduce, the total JF 2025 must adapt and become more agile in countering these emerging threats. The DOD has provided the strategic and military guidance along with associated posturing statements for

  • For Most Of My High School Career Chosen To Be A Part Of

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    caught up in the twists and turns of the battle, relishing their little victories. Grand strategy will bring you the ultimate reward: the last laugh." (Greene 13) For the beginning of any season we have had we start out strong but in the end, we falter being pushed over but the defeats we had. Simple disputes between who should be on what part and who can play there part well. After a while I wear you down, every day becomes a miniature battle and the more battles you lose the weaker you become. In the

  • The Negative Strategy Of PETA

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    organization such as The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). However, that is not the case. I believe that PETA would be better off using a more conventional strategy to get its message heard rather than their provocative imagery of shock tactics. PETA’s message has a way of getting lost in the mayhem they like to create. Occasionally, it can be difficult to see the reasoning behind most of PETA’s ads that are presented to audiences. PETA has developed a brand that is on the fringe. Whether