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  • Keny A Beautiful Place

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    Kenya is known as a beautiful place in the world with breathtaking scenery! It’s a place that many people wish to visit. But it is a place that is in need of help. Millions of people live in Kenya and about half of those people can’t afford healthcare. People that go to visit and help should be well prepared to take care of their own safety as well by getting the recommended vaccines and following safety precautions. Kenya is a beautiful country located in east Africa which contains a vibrant

  • Beautiful Places In Louisiana

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    visit. There are many fascinating landmarks and attractions in Louisiana. It has many parks, aquariums, zoos, and informational museums. LA (Louisiana) also has many exotic facts and features about it that consist of beautiful lakes and mountains. In all, Louisiana is a beautiful place to live in. Louisiana is located to the west of Texas. Although LA is to the west of Texas, it is a southern state. Louisiana’s state bird is the Brown Pelican. According to, this is because in

  • Beautiful Places In Eastern Washington

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    There are many beautiful places in the Northwest of the United States, but Eastern Washington is easily the most beautiful area of Washington State. I have lived in Eastern Washington for almost seven years, I have lived in California and have been to Oregon several times and have seen many beautiful regions on the West Coast. But, Eastern Washington is the best. Eastern Washington has many beautiful landforms and is full of wonderful Wildlife areas. These Wildlife areas contain many large forests

  • Mexico : An Elegant And Beautiful Place

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    Mexico is an elegant and beautiful place. Its geography is beautiful and diverse. The land holds interesting history. It is rich with culture and delicious food. It also has great works of art. Mexico is rich with resources and It is difficult to count all the great things about Mexico. Mexico gets people to keep returning. This is why many people live in Mexico and prefer it to other places. Mexico is located south of the Americas and north of Guatemala and Beliz. Mexico is bordered on either

  • South Island Is A Beautiful Place

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    really stressful and we often start to feel anxiety about meeting deadlines or pivotal determinations. Everyone can enjoy a vacation from time to time, and for many people the beach signifies relaxation and a great stress free environment. Touring places or doing activities with your family is a great way to forget about work and make great memories. South Padre Island is the perfect getaway you can enjoy with your family and take a break from our everyday routines. A beach vacation is the perfect

  • My Dream Place: The Beautiful Place Of The Amalfi Coast

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    quite some time and witness plenty of wonderful places in this world. From Spain to Paris. I have witness beautiful places in those countries. I have visited Argentina and also witness beautiful places. I have been fortunate enough to see a beauty like that. My dream place that I will like to visit and also the place that I will be talking about is The Amalfi Coast. Countries are fun to visit, however, coasts can be entertaining too. It is a beautiful coast in the morning and also at night. I do understand

  • The World Is A Beautiful Place Poem Analysis

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    The world is a beautiful place to live in blissful ignorance. The grassy meadows, the alluring sunset and the serene waters are a few of many scenery that beguile human beings into believing that the world is beautiful. Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s life experiences as an orphan and a soldier in World War II had shown him the flaws of society that has existed in many generations such as hunger, death and inequality. To raise consciousness of the world, he used his literature to achieve this goal. In the

  • Louisiana Is A Place Of Beautiful Wildlife And Landscape

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    Louisiana is a place of beautiful wildlife and landscape. With about forty percent of the state being marshes and wetlands. It is very important for us to preserve these wetlands and keep them from disappearing like they have been for the past fifty years. Almost eighty percent of wetland loss in the nation has happened in Louisiana. Just in the past ten years the state has seen a thirty percent deduction in the wetlands. The bad thing about these wetlands disappearing is that they are just being

  • Analysis of Lyrics: "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera

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    Double Standards: Don't Look at Me Don't look at me is the first line of Christina Aguilera's song "Beautiful." This instant whisper from the voice of Aguilera creates an ashamed vibe for the song. It is spoken quietly and without any musical instrumentation. As the music softly and brilliantly builds up to the first verse listener's already have a misinterpretation of the lyrics. The audience presumes that the song will be about depression or shame and disgrace because one would associate not wanting

  • The Oce A Beautiful Yet Frightening Place

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    THE OCEAN: A BEAUTIFUL YET FRIGHTENING PLACE The oceans are such a significant part of all life here on Earth. Without them, close to nothing on Earth would be alive and the entire makeup of Earth would be altered immensely. Even though all life depends on them, Kathy Kranking, a published author, notes that only around 5% of the whole ocean has been explored or seen. The “ocean” is actually made up of 5 different oceans: the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern oceans. It even covers