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  • Fixing Belief Essay example

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    The Four Methods of Charles S. Peirce      In “The Fixation of Belief”, Charles S. Peirce attempts to explain his four methods of establishing belief, in which he says all people have. These methods can be put to the test with any subject matter, and one shall always fit.      For instance, let us look at the broad but always hot topic of religious matters, or affairs. First, take into account Peirce’s first method, which is the method of tenacity

  • The Ethics Of Beliefs By William James

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    Belief can be best described as confidence in the truth. Throughout the centuries, philosophers have argued over support for religious beliefs. Some, like W.K. Clifford, claim that beliefs need evidence and reason behind them. Others, like William James, would offer a philosophical justification for religious faith, and would argue against evidence and reason behind beliefs. After reading both sides of the argument, I lean towards James’s philosophical justification the most due to the fact that

  • Religious Beliefs And Its Effects On Children

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    It is a question that has become increasingly difficult for religious parents to completely ignore: Are parents who raise their children to hold religious beliefs instilling a form of permanent indoctrination? Many atheists argue this today, one of the most famous being zoologist Richard Dawkins. In a detailed article about this topic, he stated, “There really is an important difference between including your children in harmless traditions, and forcing on them un-evidenced opinions about the nature

  • Beliefs Taken to the Extremes Essay

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    Beliefs Taken to the Extremes          Belief is a fundamental human trait. Belief in many things is what helps humans continue living their lives. Religious beliefs are one of the strongest forces of human emotion and often times those emotions can create dangerous situations. When people's religious beliefs are taken to extreme levels innocent people can be hurt. All throughout history there have been examples of just such incidents occurring. From the Inquisition, to suicide bombers

  • Rationality in Religious Belief Essay

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    Rationality in Religious Belief The obtaining of information is an inseparable part of human life, and therefore in what ever one may do; one will always collect information. To be of any value, the information collected has to be reliable, and one does not seem to doubt the reliability of evidence because they believe it to be logical, unless they are a sceptic. Some say that religion is something we cannot prove because we acknowledge religion through our feelings

  • Why Is Knowledge Considered A Belief?

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    have “knowledge” you must understand how you to achieve that knowledge through truth, belief and justification. The next couple of questions that are asked are usually “what is knowledge?” and “why is knowledge considered a belief?” The study of knowledge (logos) or better known as Epistemology focuses on the investigation to differentiate between the justified beliefs from opinion. Knowledge is considered a belief because our experiences, what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. This breaks down

  • Personal Value, Beliefs And Values?

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    Personal values, beliefs, and principles are important for individuals to know about themselves. However, when asked the question, “what are your personal values, beliefs, and principles?” The first response is often a laundry list of characteristics with the assumption that those three words are synonymous. From my experience when posed this question the laundry list became long and in retrospect, I began to wonder what the differences were between each of these terms. As a teacher, employee, mother

  • Justified True Belief Summary

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    of Justified True Belief (JTB) that Edmund L. Gettier refutes by proposing countermanding methods of justification in the acquisition of knowledge. JTB has historically defined the important equation that knowledge can be conceptually deciphered through the subjective belief of an individual. Historically, the “justification” of a belief was found to be sufficient to identify the belief as a form of objective knowledge. However, Gettier’s problem defines the limitation of belief, which can often be

  • Religious Beliefs Of AntigoneBy Sophocles

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    “The Greeks regraded the burial of the dead as one of the most sacred duties. It neglect involving an offense against the dead; for, according to the popular belief, the soul obtained no rest in the realms of the dead,so long as the body remained unburied” (DLVF). King Creon puts his own laws above the gods laws. Sophocles shows his belief by showing what happens to those who disobeys the gods laws and they will be punished for it. King Creon lost all of his son, wife, and nieces because of his

  • The Importance Of Self-Limiting Beliefs

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    probably a self-limiting belief lurking around that is obstructing you from joy. A self-limiting belief is a belief usually subconscious that quite literally does what it says on the tin; it limits the self! So with that in mind, it is obviously of benefit to remove these beliefs in order to get what you want in life, however before we can begin to think about losing them we need to identify what they are. The importance of identifying self-limiting beliefs Self-limiting beliefs are in fact faulty or