Black Warrior River

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  • Drled City Brewing Co. : The History Of The Druid City

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    An extensive search eventually led to a perfect location to call home in the heart of Downtown Tuscaloosa. After months of hands-on work and renovation they were able to open up the brewery named after the Black Warrior River which flows through Tuscaloosa County. Throughout the week Black Warrior has events such as trivia, movie nights, and American Outlaw watch parties. They have a vast selection of brews which makes it easy for everyone to find something they enjoy! Some of the local favorites include

  • The Ho Chunk

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    that was spoken. The name Winnebago means “Stinking Water”. This name fits in relation to the waters around them. In Green Bay there were several smelly, marshy areas and the fish in this water died fast. Some of these waters may include The Fox River and Lake Winnebago, which are both in the Fond du Lac area today. In 1816, parts of the tribe signed the first treaty with Americans pledging both loyalty and peace. Later parts of the tribe went to

  • Alabama Water Pollution

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    Alabama rivers. The active and nonactive coal mines around the rivers in Alabama are polluting the rivers, and getting into the local drinking water around Birmingham Alabama.The Black Warrior river has a coal field under it called the warrior coal field

  • Northport Pump Station

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    The city of Northport’s lift station malfunctioned on Wednesday, September 14th, dumping between 10,000 and 100,000 gallons of raw sewage into the Black Warrior River. The malfunction happened at the pump station on Fifth Street and Lurleen Wallace Boulevard, just over the Hugh Thomas Bridge where downtown Northport connects to Tuscaloosa. The pump station services around 5,000 customers in the Northport area. Citizens in Northport are outraged. On the city’s Facebook page Derek Nicholas Snow

  • The Great Sioux War Research Paper

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    ​The Great Sioux War or The Black Hills War (1876- 1877) was a series of battles trying to force the Sioux and Cheyenne people back into the Great Sioux Reservation. In 1868, the Treaty of Laramie was signed by Sioux leaders to give up their lands and move west onto the reservations. In 1874 LTC George Custer was tasked to reconnoiter the Black Hills (part of the Sioux reservation). His primary task was to survey the land and look for natural resources during a time of great economic depression.

  • Analysis Of The Painting Course Of Empire Destruction By Thomas Cole

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    painted is the Vandals’ attack on Rome in 455. The pain and devastation was captured in this painting perfectly, through many colors and symbols, which affected thousands of people in many different ways. Cole used many techniques to show the enemy warriors taking over the town. Cole’s use of color and symbols reflect the destruction of the town. In the painting, Cole uses many colors and symbols to illustrate the effect of the attack. An old sandy color bridge is cast upon the middle of the painting

  • Black Hawk: Not Only a Good Warrior But a Leader Essay

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    Black Hawk: Not Only a Good Warrior But a Leader “A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires others with confidence in themselves” (unknown). Black Hawk’s actions throughout his life time proved his ability to be a great leader. He involved himself in many great feats that would attract many followers to him for instance, becoming a warrior at the early age of fifteen and beyond that being successful in heading up many other attack expeditions at a very young

  • The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

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    Central Montana, along the Little Bighorn River. The town of Hardin Montana is now located near there, along with the Crow Indian Reservation. On June 25th and 26th, 1876, Lieutenant Colonel George Custer would lead the 7th Regiment of the U.S. Cavalry against the warriors of the Lakota, Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes. 210 men of the 7th Cavalry Regiment went to battle those two days against an estimated warrior force of 1,500-1,800 Indian warriors.1 This battle remains one of the most

  • Black Hawk Attack Essay

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    prevented if they had only talked with Black Hawk instead of firing upon him and his followers. Black Hawk came from the Sauk American Indian tribe in the Northeast and wanted nothing more than his people to live on the lands their ancestors did. Black Hawk’s tribe resided in Iowa and the surrounding areas. Then United States government decided that they wanted to take the land away from Black Hawk’s tribe for the use of white settlers. This of course upset Black Hawk as he believed that the land was

  • First Seminole War Essay

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    village and his tribe came out of the swamps and ambushed the Union soldiers .The attacks on Fowltown ended a war of words that had gone on for months between Neamathla and Major David.E.Twiggs the commanding officer at Fort Scott on the lower Flint River in Michigan. Neamathla refused to move his tribe from the lands ceded by the the US by the Treaty of Fort Jackson. The Treaty of Fort Jackson said that the Creek Indians had to cede 23 million acres of their land. The Treaty was signed on August 9