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  • BF Farm Business Analysis

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    Producing the best animals possible is the goal of BF Farm and partners Mark Bengtson and Jodey Fulcher. Mark and Jodey have incorporated three livestock species — Black Hereford cattle, Kiko goats and Kunekune (pronounced koo-knee, koo-knee) pigs — at their Huggins, Mo., farm in Texas County. They feel each species complements the other through natural pasture management, and brush and weed control, which helps reduce parasites. Mark and Jodey moved to the Ozarks in October after establishing

  • The Death Of The Barn

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    can have a goat this summer.” At that point I just looked my dad and laughed. I thought he was joking, I had been asking for a goat for about three years. He had proclaimed multiple times throughout my childhood that I would not be getting a goat anytime soon. I guess my time had come. Within a few mouths it was May, I had set up a wired pen for my goat and could barely contain my excitement as we went to go pick up my goat. My dad and I arrived at the place to pick up my goat. The goat lived in a

  • I Love My Pet Animals

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    Sharing our lives, opening our hearts to pure unconditional love. They are the best friends that we can ever have. They won’t let us down, they are always happy to see us, they don’t judge us in any form, they don’t look at us with utter disdain if we put on weight. They trust us implicitly, with a wag of a tail or the twitch of a whisker telling us that they intuitively know how we feel. The look in their eyes says it all – I love you. Our companion animals, our

  • The Effect Of Maternal Vocalizations On Domestic, Post Parturient Goats

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    Introduction The focus of this survey is the role of maternal vocalizations in domestic, post-parturient goats. The subtleties of call characteristics and recognition have yet to be researched in-depth, but recent studies have shown that these calls are more individualized than previously supposed. Goats are a highly social, vocal species, and does will use a variety of vocal and non-vocal behaviors to establish a connection with her kid(s). The bond between mother and infant is near immediate—as

  • Raising Sheep Is A Major Part Of My High School Experience

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    Raising goats has been a major part of my high school experience. I purchased my first two Pygora goats, Dione and Carl, in November of my freshman year, and in the four years since then my herd has expanded to six. Being out in the barn, working, caring for the goats, cleaning, learning and teaching, has allowed me an outlet to flourish and learn by doing. This past year I decided to breed two of my goats as my Senior project. This was not my first time breeding, but it will be the first time of

  • A Critical Analysis OfLooking At Women?

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    of a star” (180). This simile is targeted at the male audience as Sanders realizes many young boys dream of being an astronaut so the boys can relate better to the experience. Sanders also contrasts human sexuallity with the likes of billy goats, “Billy goats do not fret over how they should look at nanny

  • The Arrow And The Goat Short Story

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    “The Arrow and the Goat” - A Hunger Games Fanfiction By: Lorenz Aparentado, Fabrizio Lazaro, Niklas Umland ©Suzanne Collins-Owner of all rights to the original story. No profit will be made from this work. When I wake up the other side of my bed is cold. Prim must of crawled into our mother’s bed seeking warmth in the dark and stormy night. This gives me ample time to get out of bed without waking her up on this tiring weekend. Well, in District 12 every weekend is a tiring weekend. District 12

  • Crossbreeding And Religion

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    crossbreed say “By doing crossbreeding, you’re getting the best of both breeds.” Another farm animal that has been genetically changed is the goat. Scientist at the University of Utah mixed a goat with a spider to create a spider goat. The logic behind this is that the milk has silk in it when the goat is milked. According to Randy Lewis who created freckles the spider goat the milk gets processed in a lab. In an interview with him he stated “We milk Freckles together and process it in the lab to leave only

  • An Accounting Case Essay

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    assets: 1. 35 sheep 2. 3 sheep Due to the information, 20 acres of land equal 80 sheep according to the exchange rate of last year, a one-room cabin equal 3 acres of land and equal 12 sheep finally, a plow equals 2 goat and equal 2/3 sheep according to last year’s exchange rate and 2 carts which were traded with a poor acre of land equals 8 sheep plus 400 sheep. So Deyonne’s total assets are 500(2/3) sheep. Deyonne’s liabilities and assets deduction are 35 sheep plus

  • Conservation Of Endemic Ruminant Livestock And Improve Their Productivity Essay

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    In a 6-point scale, the TE rated the project’s outcome effectiveness as “Satisfactory”. The TE only briefly summarized the project results at the EOP (End of Project) without comparing them with expected outcomes. In the same scale, this TER will rate the project’s outcome as “Moderately Satisfactory” based on the evidence presented by the Final PIR (PIR 2014), which shows that some progress has been made for reaching all of the project targets, but majority of targets were not achieved 100%. A comparison