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  • Border Town Limitations

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    The major limitation of this study will be the narrow focus of female Hispanics in one border town. This study will be limited to the students in the within the Brownsville area and in no way is this a random sample of students or graduates from all high schools in border cities in Texas. Instead this study will use convenience sampling and findings will not be able to be generalized beyond this remote area of Texas. Probability sampling will not be used in this study because it is practically impossible

  • Sex As A Political Condition

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    he’s been recently getting more attention with his lascivious novel: Sex as a Political Condition: A Border Novel. This said novel has placed him in the spotlight as he acquires more interviews and reviews about the book he further discloses information about himself. The interviews and reviews expose essential parts of his life as well as mixed reactions for Sex as a Political Condition: A Border Novel. Author Joseph Green’s put it best: “It is revolutionary in spirit and inelegant in ethos, equal

  • The Lyrical Novel Border Town by Shen Congwen

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    it is the character’s emotions that drives the development of the plot. Shen Congwen’s Border Town can indeed be considered to be such a lyrical novel. Border Town was depicted to be a ‘dreamlike’ town, with its citizens enjoying peace generation after generation, like the flowing water in the river next to the town. The white pagoda stands tall, unwavering, symbolizing peacefulness and tranquillity. Border Town is widely considered to be a utopian-like story, with an interesting love twist, where

  • An Analysis of Cantú's "Canícula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera"

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    forthcoming of age of a chicana on the U.S.- Mexico border in the town of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo in the 1940s-60s. Norma Elia Cantú brings together narrative and the images from the family album to tell the story of her family. It blends authentic snapshots with recreated memoirs from 1880 to 1950 in the town between Monterrey, Mexico, and San Antonio, Texas. Narratives present ethnographic information concerning the nationally distributed mass media in the border region. Also they study controversial discourse

  • The United States Should Build A Wall

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    Whether or not the United States should build a wall to secure the border around Mexico is a controversial topic. The controversy is mainly over the cost and true purpose of the wall. Many people wonder if there is a need for the wall to be built, while others are pushing for the massive wall to be built. Many do not believe the wall would stop the immigrants from illegally crossing at all. “Human migration routes are like rivers: If they hit an obstacle, the flow finds a way around it” (Chappell)

  • How Does Drug Trafficking Under Partial Prohibition : Evidence From Recreational Prohibition

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    administrative data on Washington state recreational marijuana sales, which became legal in July of 2014. Data found that marijuana retailers spread across the Washington-Oregon border suffered a 41% drop in marijuana sales as a result of the new recreational marijuana market in Oregon (Hansen, Miller, Weber, 2017). Washington also borders Idaho and Canada, but these places did not have the same decline as

  • The Coming Anarchy, by Robert D. Kaplan

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    Robert D. Kaplan’s article “The Coming Anarchy," is best summarized by the following quote, which identifies the different factors that he evaluates throughout his article, “To understand the events of the next fifty years, then, one must understand environmental scarcity, cultural and racial clash, geographic destiny, and the transformation of war.” (Kaplan, 1994) This is the framework that he uses to make his supporting arguments and thus this summary will be broken down into these four main parts

  • The Second Branch Of The Mabinogi And Sir Orfeo Use Borders And Border Crossings

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    Literature, a variety of borders are often used to serve different purposes but mainly to advance the plot through border crossings. The purpose of this essay is to consider the extent to which the authors of The Second Branch of the Mabinogi and Sir Orfeo use borders and border crossings to advance the text through a consideration of geographical, political and spiritual borders. The Second Branch of the Mabinogi relies mostly on the constant and unresolvable political border throughout the whole text

  • Analysis Of Borderlands By Gloria Anzaldua

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    Speaking of Texas-U.S. Southwest/Mexican border, the first thing appears in many people’s mind is a horizontal line with US on the upper side and Mexico on the lower, as depicted in maps. However, in reality, a border serves more than just to separate states. In many occasions, it witnesses and bridges social networks that stretch across border. These two functions seem to contradict each other but in fact they exactly reflect the complex nature of borders, or, more realistically, borderlands, a term

  • Interdependence On Inequality

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    maintain power to secure its borders. Interdependence opens states to threats around the world. For example, the Ebola virus broke out in West Africa in March 2014, and by October of that year the United States reported its first case of the virus. The disease also spread to many European countries. Now, many will point out that this disease was concentrated in Africa, did not affect the United States or Europe heavily, and does not show the danger of interdependence and less border security. However, the