Anterior superior iliac spine

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  • Postural Fitness Tests : A Fitness Screening Tool

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    tibia measurement is then applied from the end of the toes of the foot on the board and a mark is made. The dowel is placed behind the back, touching the head, thoracic spine and sacrum. The hand opposite to the front foot should be the hand grasping the dowel at the cervical spine. The other hand grasps the dowel at the lumbar spine. The individual then steps out on the board placing the heel of the opposite foot at the indicated mark on the board. The individual then lowers the back knee enough to

  • The Skeletal System Excercise Essay

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    University of Phoenix Material The Skeletal System Exercises After viewing the animation answer these questions. * Exercise 5.1: Coloring Exercise * * Scan completed coloring exercise and submit as a separate document. * * * Exercise 5.2: Appositional Bone Growth * After viewing the animation, answer the following questions: 1. Define appositional bone growth. Formation of new bone on the surface of older bone or cartilage 2. Which cells produce

  • Exterior Wall Fracture

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    The anterior component of the AHT associated fracture can be either an anterior wall fracture (less common) or an anterior column fracture (more common) [4]. If it is an anterior wall fracture, it will have the typical features of anterior wall fractures, where the broken segment can be fully separated or remain in contact with the superior pubic ramus. Infrequently, there may be an associated fracture at the ischio-pubic ramus, or an elevation of the cortex from the quadrilateral plate displaced

  • Summary Study Guide: Inguinal Region: Femoral Artery

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    called iliac region , inguen . Inguinal means: of or relating to the groin. Pronounced: ing gwuh nl The femoral artery and vein is the second most frequently used set of vessels for arterial embalming. It is located in the proximal upper third of the thigh between the hip and the groin. It is a good alternative to the carotid artery if it is not available because it is one of the major arteries in the human body. If using your fingers as a guide, • Position your thumb anterior superior iliac

  • Case Study : An Orthopedic Doctor

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    collateral (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) with possible medial meniscal involvement. The superficial medial collateral ligament (MCL) originates at the medial epicondyle of the femur, inserts at the medial condyle of the tibial shaft and also attaches to the medial meniscus. (Marieb) The MCL stabilizes the knee by resisting medial rotation of the knee and protecting against genu valgum stresses, which stress the tibiofemoral joint in the medial direction. (Biel) The anterior cruciate ligament

  • Bio 151 List of Structures

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    is the study of how the structures of the body function Levels of Structural Organization Chemical Cell Tissue Organ Organ system Organism Homeostasis Positive feedback loop Negative feedback loop Relative Positions Superior Inferior Anterior Posterior Medial Lateral Bilateral Ipsilateral Contralateral Proximal Distal Superficial Deep Body Sections Sagittal Transverse (horizontal) Frontal (coronal) Body Regions See Figure 1.17 Chapter Two Chemistry

  • Teres Minor-Axillary Essay

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    through T3 Scapular spine Scapular retraction Lower trapezius Spinous processes of middle and lower thoracic vertebrae Base

  • The Anatomy and Actions of the Knee Essay

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    C-shaped medial and lateral menisci serve to deepen the articulation at the superior surface of the tibia, thus enhancing the bony stability of the joint. Also

  • Veertebrae Body

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    typically consist of a body and vertebral arch. Anterior to the arch, the body (1) is the thick, broad part of the bone that serves to support and bear weight. Between each individual body is the intervertebral disk space. The vertebral arch is made of several parts. Pedicles (2) extend posteriorly from the body and curves to the laminae (2). These two parts encircle the vertebral foramen with the body. Above and below the pedicles are the superior and inferior vertebral notch, respectively, and

  • Curricular Proficiency Syndrome

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    The femoral artery (Fig 4) begins immediately behind the inguinal ligament, midway between the anterior superior spine of the ileum and the symphysis pubis, and passes down the front and medial side of the thigh. It ends at the junction of the middle with the lower third of the thigh, where it passes through an opening in the Adductor Magnus to become the popliteal artery.(Henery, 2007) The femoral sheath. In the upper third of the thigh the femoral artery is contained in the femoral triangle (Scarpa’s