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  • Organizational Leaders Essay examples

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    We, as organizational leaders, operate in uncertain times that are constantly changing. By changing the view of our environment, subordinates, and ourselves as leaders, we can lead the Brigade to success. If we continue to do business the old way, we can only fail. In order to move forward we must be ready for the resistance to the change we are proposing. Either by lack of trust or individuals believes that change is not possible we must be ready to employ hard, rational, or soft influencing

  • John Voss Drills

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    Brigadier General Frost and Brigadier General Lyon are on a collision course. Frost is training his pro-Southern state militia at Camp Jackson over which the Confederate flag is flying. Lyon believes that waiting any longer without action would be dangerous for the cause of the Union and the security of St. Louis. (L174) (L204) (L272) On Friday, May 10, 1861, Johann Voss drills with the rest of his 2nd Regiment. This is their usual practice in the morning. They drill for two hours under the watchful

  • Brigadier Robin Olds as a Leader of Character Essay

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    Brigadier General Robin Olds Jr. was an officer in the Army Air Corps and later an Air Force pilot from 1943 to 1973. From an early age, Olds was surrounded by great fighter pilots who mentored his leadership abilities. He character was also influenced by his father; Robin Olds Sr. Olds’ character was tested time after time as a cadet at West Point and as an Air Force Officer at the squad and wing levels. Robin Olds was a leader of character because of early influences and training, experience as

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Brigadier John Clayton Headed '

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    Brigadier John Clayton headed by Humvee to Colonel Lambert’s Command Post, located a mile north west of the capital. There was no way John was heading into Indian Country without some help; he felt he could count on Colonel Lambert of the 3rd Infantry Regiment for help. It was a thirty minute drive from the White House to the CP, Colonel Lambert had no idea that the General was coming, so when he pulled up and entered the CP, he was surprised to see him. The two men over the past several weeks

  • My Old Battalion Commander, Brigadier General ( Bg )

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    I have chosen to write about my old Battalion Commander, Brigadier General(BG) Peter Jones. The then Lieutenant Colonel(LTC) Jones oversaw my Infantry Battalion when I deployed to Ramadi, Iraq. He displayed numerous attributes that I model my military career from; he had an unwavering presence and strong intellect. His competence was also the highest that I have ever encountered in my military career; he was a lead from the front type of leader and strove to achieve nothing but success whilst

  • The Role Of Brigadier General John Buford In The Battle Of Gettysburg

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    most important battles in the civil, it is debated among scholars who was the most important commander at Gettysburg some say it was General Lee others say it was General Meade who had taken control of the union army three days before the battle. Brigadier General John Buford Was the most significant man at Gettysburg, He was a cavalry commander for the union. He is the most significant in the battle and to the war ending in the favor of the union. John Buford was able to assess the advantage of the

  • BG Ellis Brigadier General Richard T. Ellis

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    The legacy leader I have chosen to write about is Brigadier General (BG) Richard T. Ellis (Deceased). BG Ellis was a true influential leader in the United States (U.S.) Army and intelligence community. This paper will discuss how BG Ellis showed leadership attributes and competencies covered in Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 6-22 and Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 6-22. It will also discuss how he influenced leaders and changes in the intelligence community. Finally it will cover

  • American Fighter Pilot Brigadier General Robin Olds Essay

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    Brigadier General Robin Olds Throughout military history, there have been many leaders that can be considered either visionary or ethical. This paper will discuss how BG Robin Olds was a visionary leader, but not a very ethical leader. From the beginning of his career, he was a visionary in aerial combat tactics and a true believer of leading from the front. His vision of aerial combat was beyond his years, but often fell upon deaf ears due to his flamboyant nature. He never hesitated to say

  • The Battle Of Fort Donelson

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    Fort Donelson, Tennessee, guarding the Cumberland River, became the site of the first major Confederate defeat in the Civil War. Victory at Donelson started Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant on his road to Appomattox and the White House. His cool judgment under pressure saved the day after the Confederates threatened to break his troop lines, yet errors by his opponents handed him a victory that he did not fully earn on his own. Possession of the better part of two states vital to the South

  • The Battle At Fort Donelson

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    against the North. Once the North pushed through Kentucky, Grants next lead was to push through the Forts guarding Tennessee. This battle became the first major Confederate victory in the start up of our nation’s Civil War. The defeat at Donelson gave Brigadier General Ulysses S. Grant the recognition he later earned in the White House when he became president. Possession of the better part of two states vital to the South depended on the outcome of the battle at Fort Donelson. When war began in April