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  • CEP55 Essay

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    CEP55 plays a critical role for precise midbody assembly as CEP55-depleted cells exhibited an abnormal midbody structure that lacked visible midbody under light microscope [220]. They also demonstrated the interaction of CEP55 with an orchestra of structural and regulatory proteins essential for accomplishment of cytokinesis. These proteins include Aurora B, MKLP2, PRC1, ECT2, Anillin and Syntaxin 2 which are recruited to the midbody thus implying the importance of CEP55 being indispensable for

  • Yosemite Park: A Short Story

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    The indication of morning had approached; wind halted while the air became temperate. Morning routine of the birds, fetching food for their children, communicating with the others, hatching their eggs. Newly seeded grass shooted out, growing like weeds. The air reminded Mary of a camping trip when she was younger in Yosemite Park. Pinecones and trees gave her the happy memories, ones of her husband and her only child before the accident. Mary exposed her eyes through the trees to the sun, knowing

  • The 50 Mph M The Story Of Ted Jensen

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    THE 50 MPH MAN: The Story of Ted Jensen ~ The story of the most EXTRAORDINARY man to ever live starts at the most ORDINARY place: the bus stop. 25-year-old Ted Jensen sat on a rusty bench in the pouring rain, waiting for his bus to come. He was about to go to a job-interview in the city, but his luck would change soon enough. The dirty old bus came into view, seeming to drive much faster than the speed limit. Ted noticed that something was wrong, but before he could think of what it was, the bus

  • Personal Essay

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    Personal Essay For as far back as I can remember all the females in my family have been nurses. So I wasn't at all surprised when I walked into the kitchen after school and found nursing literature sprawled over the table instead of 'Good afternoon darling how did your CSE's go today' off my Mum. "I'm off out Mum," I shouted through the sitting room door (not wanting to get into a conversation about nursing yet again). "Take those leaflets with you, you can read

  • Essay on Analysis of "Chonicles of Ice" by Gretel Erhlich

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    “Chronicles of Ice” by Gretel Ehrlich “Why did we trade in our ceremonial lives for the workplace? Is this a natural progression or a hiccup in human civilization that we’ll soon renounce” (Ehrlich 91)? Gretel Ehrlich asks these deep questions in her short informative essay “Chronicles of Ice” (2004). Ehrlich tells of her travels to The World Heritage glacier Perito Moreno, Argentina. In this short narrative, the author uses pathos and strong human related metaphors, to relay the direct correlation

  • My First Day At School

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    Fahima woke up before her alarm went off. Today was a big day. It was her first day as a second grader at her new school, East Pennsboro Elementary. She got out of bed, brushed her teeth, got dressed, and put on her headscarf. When she got downstairs, she saw that her dad was making her favorite breakfast, pancakes. She sat down at the table, and her dad gave her a big good morning hug. “Are you excited for your first day at school, Fahima?” he asked with a smile. Fahima nodded. Although she

  • Arthur Monologue

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    fade in: int. dentist office Richard Becca, have you seen Arthur? Becca Last I saw him he was with Tod. Door opens and Arthur walks in and looks at his parents. Arthur Why do I have to be here? beCCA We've been over this already. Arthur storms to the closet and grabs a lab jacket. int. operating room richard Son, can you grab me the probe? Arthur hands the tool to his father. Richard begins to operate on the patient. Arthur turns his head to face the patient in disgust of seeing blood dripping everywhere

  • Black And Cuban Blood Runs Through My Veins Essay

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    There was once a time when I was naïve about stereotyping and racism. Up until my teenage years, the notorious monsters had been elusive. Then one weekend, I came face-to-face with the disgusting monsters, rearing their hateful heads; capable of momentarily depleting love within a blink of the eye. Because of my shocking encounter, I am now cognizant of the ignorance that persists in the world. A valuable yet life-changing lesson in racism and the effects of stereotyping influenced the way I

  • Original Writing : The Spring Of 2007

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    It was the spring of 2007, I was so happy to see the flowers in the front yard were ready to bloom after a long winter we had. This upcoming week, my family was taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions that they were not expecting, so quickly. I remember it was the morning of my Conformation (one of the seven sacraments in the Catholic religion.) And everyone was running around the house to make sure it was clean before the rest of the family had arrived for the party after the mass. While inside

  • Persuasive Essay : ' Clarity '

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    Clarity Since I was merely six years old other people have controlled my life. It started with a visit to the doctors where my parents were told that I would never have a normal life, were I would never be able to socialize, were I would never feel and that I had autism. Now for the first two to three years after my parents believed what the doctor had said was true. They kept taking me to groups to try and get me interacting with people but when they saw that their attempts were failing and all