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  • Creative Writing : Essay

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    mouth, pal! This is going to be my last warning to you. Okay, am I clear? James Capri is coming to the realization that the cards he is being dealt is stacking up against him, for he’s not going to win with such a bad hand dealt, therefore, he decided to end with a truce. “It’s all good, though.” He said and walked away from the living room to go gather some of his belongings. “I’ll wait here

  • Capri Sun Ad Essay Example

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    and granddaughter. The photo is candid and neither are looking into the camera. To the right is the following text, "Release Your Inner Child With Capri Sun Organic." Below that the smaller text reads, "New Capri Sun Organic Healthier, Tastier, and Better Than Ever. Now Containing One Serving of Fruit." This text is wrapped around a pouch of Capri Sun Organic. Below this, in the even smaller text, there is a clarification that reads, "Each pouch provides ½ cup of fruit which is one serving of

  • Ishiguro Narrative

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    Ishiguro employs Kathy with a narrative style which has a realistic touch to allow the readers to realize her nature, She narrates the novel, So the events are based on her flashbacks and stream of consciousness. she spends time to think carefully about what she says, as if she speaks personally to the reader, she exclaims "I want to talk about such and such but first I'll have to go back a bit to give you the background and explain why” (Ishiguro 138). according to Ishiguro, he employs Kathy as

  • Classroom Reflection Essay

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    When I arrived to Mrs. Beach’s classroom, she began debriefing what had occurred in the classroom since the last time I was there. Two of the boys in her class had almost gotten into a fight, so the seating chart had to be changed so that these students were as far away from each other as possible. She also informed me that when they had a sub the previous day that they were behaving so poorly that the principal had to come in and have a talk with the students. Because of this, Mrs. Beach warned

  • the ring critique Essay

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    The movie “The Ring” was a horror film that I found to be a major disappointment. The opening scene is probably one of the best in the whole movie, which in my opinion is pathetic. When the young girl in the beginning was killed seven days after watching the tape because her “heart stopped” after seeing Samara, I thought to myself “Wow, this may turn out to be an interesting movie,” but they ruined it as soon as they showed the girl dead in the closet looking green and disfigured. I don’t know where

  • Descriptive Writing - Original Writing

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    At my old house, we had a particularly weird attic. Occasionally, I would straddle up the stairs to the attic and be frightened because of all the creaks and moans in the wooden floor. A menorah and Christmas ornaments are typical things you would find in our attic. Since my mother’s side of the family was Jewish and my father’s side of the family was Christian, these items were normal to see with each other. Most people would not really see a problem with it, and, honestly, neither did I until

  • Essay 2

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    swift seduction into the position of authority had led you down the proverbial rabbit hole, Capri. This committee had decided on dropping all charges against you, with one exception, because of your level of involvement. Given the fact that you were only an informant, we’ve granted you leniency in light thereof. Your inappropriate use of this office and the necessary technology impeded fellow officers from doing their jobs efficiently and effectively. Consequently, you won’t be eligible to receive

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    into her. Capri popped the cork off the champagne bottle, and it ‘accidentally’ sprayed down over her front. The bubbly wine shot all over her, white and frothy. “Oh damn!” Capri blurted out, “I’m sorry about that. Let me take your top off and hang it out to dry.” “Certainly,” she said. “I have a T-shirt I can loan you until your top is dry.” Capri told her. They hungrily tugged at each other’s clothing to get undressed. Tamika reached for his pants zipper and started to undo

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Capri was in a deep sleep when the phone in the room rang. He reached over and picked up the receiver. “Hello,” a female in a soft sexy voice said. “Hello,” he replied. “Who is this?” he asked in his groggy voice. “It’s me … Tamika!” Still in a daze, Capri asked, “Did you say Tamika?” “Yes!” For a moment or so, it seemed like a dream. He just can’t picture her name or her voices. “Tamika?” Finally his memory came together and he realized he wasn’t dreaming after all

  • Franki the Whale Essay

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    - Franki the Whale - As predicted the stadium was packed full, leaving a handful of places to sit up front near the band and cheerleaders. She gave Capri that look, the rightful glance that screamed ' I told you so.' She would have been more mad, but she happened to like the marching band for the most part, so sitting by them was not as terrible as it is for most. Plus, Alix Hale just asked her out on a date, how could she let herself be brought down. Not to mention the greasy intoxicating smell