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  • Cancellous Bone Structure

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    STRUCTURE OF LONG BONES: Hyaline cartilage: covers the end of the bone, smooth surface stops the bones and absorbs shock. Epiphysis: this is the extremity name of the bones. Cancellous bone: is known as spongy bone, its help to store red bone marrow in the blood cells. Epiphyseal plate: is a line across the bone starting from where the bone grows in length. Diaphysis: this is the shaft of the bone. Compact bone: It surrounded by yellow bone marrow in the diaphysis and gives strength to the hollow

  • Essay On Weight Of The Rats

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    that the bones of the rats will not develop differently due to them weighing more than normal. The rats

  • Explain The Structure And Development Of The Skeletal System

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    is made up of 206 bones which protects, support and allows the human body to move. The skeletal system also consists of tissues such as; tendons, ligaments and cartilage - these components connect the bones together which results to the posture and framework of the body. The skeletal system of a new born baby consists of more bones than an adult (roughly 300 bones); this is because the bones have not been joined together by the tissues. As the human body grows, the smaller bones are joined together

  • The Structure Of The Skeletal System

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    muscular system. At the cellular level, bone provides a reservoir of growth factors and cytokines, maintains the acid-base balance and mineral homeostasis, and is the site of hematopoeisis. Like other connective tissue, bone has both a cellular and an extracellular matrix component. The matrix is made up of collagen fibers and noncollagenous proteins, with type I collagen accounting for ~90% of total protein, and the noncollagenous osteocalcin, osteopontin, and bone sialoprotein, and others making up

  • broken hip with answer 4

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    fracture because of (A) the loss of spongy bone in the epiphyses and (B) the thinning of the bony collar in the diaphysis. 6. Describe the changes that a broken bone undergoes as it is healing. The bony collar of long bones helps them withstand compressive stress by the mechanism described in #4A above (i.e. hydroxyapatite, weight-bearing pillars). In addition, long bones also withstand compressive forces by virtue of the spongy ("cancellous") bone in the epiphyses. The interlocking network

  • Structure Of Skeletal System Of The Human Body

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    made up of 206 bones held together by ligaments, whilst joints provide mobility. Ligaments are a band of tough, flexible connective tissue which connects two bones. The skeleton forms a frame at which the internal organs rest and over which muscles and skin is layered over. The bones of the human skeleton are divided into 2 groups: axial and appendicular skeletons. The axial skeleton forms the axis of the body and it includes the bones of the skull, ribcage and the spine. These bones are there to

  • Scientific Discussion Paper on the Human Skeletal System

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    The Human Skeletal System Introduction The human skeletal system is comprised of both fused and individual bones; supported and supplemented by ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage. The skeletons purpose is to protect and support the delicate internal organs and provide a framework that allows the body to stand upright and move. It also produces blood cells and stores minerals that our body needs to function effectively. The skeletal system is a very important part of the human body. Without

  • Techniques Used For Human Skeletal Development Of Bone And Enamel As Well As The Formation Of Enamel Essay

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    the types of cells, tissues and structure of bones as well as the formation of enamel and dentine. The first practical session dealt with the microscopic identification of different structure in growth and development of bone and enamel as well as dentine formation. The other aims of the practical class was to be conversant with the microscopic identification and description of the cells, tissues in the bone development, and overall function of the bone. Materials The materials used for the present

  • Surgical Sur Surgical Dislocation

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    Surgical dislocation of the hip gives a sheltered intends to treat FAI. It is conceivable to completely assess the femoral head-neck junction, and to examine the labrum and adjacent acetabular cartilage . An entire 360º perspective of the acetabulum can be obtained . With a blunt probe, the articular cartilage assessed and the integrity of the labrum and the articular cartilage is determined. This methodology gives access to perform osteochondroplasty and labral reattachment as required. By restoring

  • The Human Skeletal Structure Of Ligaments

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    The Human Skeletal System The human skeletal anatomy is a mesmerising and complex structure of ligaments that attach all 206 bones together, along with tendons that attach muscles to the bones and also cartilage. All of the components are involved with the fundamental functions that are essential to how the human body works and reacts. The skeleton assists in protecting the body’s organs, provides attachment sites for the musculature