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  • Carats Whisper

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    wealth can be found within every alley and backstreet. That’s the image that Casino Technology’s new slot game, which is called Carats Whisper, tries to invoke for players of every experience level. What is coming through loud and clear within pretty much every Casino Technology release as of late is that the developer has obvious ambition. Taking a single look at Carats Whisper shows that there is certainly “something” to this game, but is that enough to make it a game worth playing? Check out the

  • Personal Narrative: Geary Bar

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    I was walking home from the Bart station in San Francisco one afternoon, heading back to my apartment from work over across the Bay, and walking up the street in front of one of the real classy hotels on Geary Street (The Broadway of SF where all the theaters are). Just before the corner where I turned right (my apartment was right next and above a restaurant which I think it was a Benihana’s) I looked down o the sidewalk in front of me and there, sparkling in the afternoon sun (the fog was strangely

  • Narrative Essay About My Birthday

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    “We got a surprise for you.” My grandparents said while handing me a slim tiny grey box. I glared into the box spotting two little gold hoop earrings. The earrings were glistening from the sun reflecting off of fresh fallen snow. “They are 24 carat gold.” My grandmother says with pride. I could not believe it; my first ever pair of earrings, and not only were the beautiful, but they were made of gold. Real gold. “I will never lose these as long as I live.” I say not knowing what will later

  • Professor Proposes

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    Characteristics of a Diamond * The Four C’s (Color, Carat, Cut and Clarity) * Symmetry and Polish * Certification Pricing Data Set Regression Analysis * Full Level – Level type Model * Partial Level – Level Model (Carat) * Partial Level – Level Model (Carat*Color) * Ln – Ln Model

  • The Princess's Darkest Cuts

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    Engagement rings come in various cuts, carat weights and styles, and halo rings are timeless in their beauty and popularity. Hailing from the 1920s, halo rings have dazzled celebrities and non-celebrities alike with their unique and artistic designs. The halo, or multiple halos, encircles the main gemstone adding an ornate sparkle and the illusion of greater size that can’t be achieved by a solitary stone. Although solitaires are more prevalent, halos are certainly making their mark on brides-to-be

  • The Ideal Weight Of The Stone Essay

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    As per astrology, there are nine planets and all of them play significant role in the life of a human being. Therefore, in order to achieve the positive results which are being offered by these extremely efficient planets, a person can adopt different gemstones as per their association with their corresponding planet. Precisely, there are nine gemstones in correspondence with nine planets and each of them carries special characteristics to offer to the ascendants of their respective planets. However

  • Diamonds Research Papers

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    and carat. Cut refers to the shape of the stone and the quality. The cube and the octahedron are normal forms for the diamond to be in. The clarity of a diamond is the presence of its impurities, internal fractures, inclusions and the overall cleanliness in the mineral. Its color, tends to be pale yellow, brown, grey, white, blue, black, reddish, greenish, and colorless. Strongly colored diamonds are much more valuable. Colored diamonds are rare, but that just makes the price go up. A carat is one-fifth

  • Diamonds: Diamond and Cubic Zirconium

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    discovered in 1905 in South Africa. Originally, it weighed 3,106 carats, but in 1907, it was cut into nine major stones. One stone that might ring a mental bell is called the Star of Africa. This stone weighs in at 530.20 carats and is set in the royal scepter and housed in the Tower of London. Another of the most popular large diamonds around is the Hope Diamond. Its original weight was 112 3/16 carats, but now years later it is 45.52 carats and mounted in a pendant. (Harlow, G, 1998). There are many

  • Characteristics Of Mystic Topaz Engagement Rings

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    Mystic Topaz Engagement Rings What are the properties of mystic topaz engagement rings? What are the designs of mystic topaz engagement rings? We will try to express information about mystic topaz engagement rings in this text. Iridescent fire and mystic topaz, brightly colored for an engagement ring makes a unique and beautiful selection. Before you start shopping, get a sense of the available styles, and this remarkable coated gem is a good idea to understand a little bit about. Mystic Topaz

  • Essay About Khinoor Diamond

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    The following 25 facts can tell you the story about the Kohinoor diamond, how many hands it passed, how many claimed its ownership, and now ultimately where is it preserved. 1. The diamond weighed 793 carats in its original form. As it passed hands, it was cut several times and now it weighs 105 carats. 2. Once the largest diamond in the world, now weighs 21.6 grams with its most recent cut state. 3. Kohinoor was first reported in 1304