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  • Christian Education Response To Christianity

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    Christian Education Response The Bible tells us that God has given spiritual gifts to the members of His church as it is written in Eph 4:12 (KJV) “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ” and Christian education is necessary so that the disciple can learn the doctrines of God and rightly apply them to their lives. Having experienced God’s Word actively working in their lives from their obedience, they can rightly convey the teaching

  • Christian And Christian Response To The Black Death

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    Christians and Muslims response to the Black Death was the same. I support this idea because what the Christians and Muslims believe that caused the plague was similar to each other. Although the two religions were different they both went to the churches for help. Christians was infected in the year of 1348, killing 51,160,000 to 75,000,000 of Europe's population. Christianity origins from Jesus Christ, so in this case when Christians was infected with the disease, Christians turned to the churches

  • Christian Response To The Black Death

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    Christian and Muslim responses during the Black Death were different, but with a few similarities. Both Christians and Muslims proposed different reasons for the cause of the plague and also had different prevention methods for the plague. Even though there were many differences, there are also a few similarities, such as how both of them had similar beliefs at the time. Even with the few similarities,the responses between the two religions shows that Christian and Muslims responses are more different

  • Christian Responses To Black Death

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    With an act of God this awesome (or awful), there are bound to major responses from religions all across the known world, in particular Christians and Muslims. The responses of Christians were vastly different from that of Muslims, though (in some minor cases) they had similarities. Throughout the times of the Black Death, Christians everywhere were terrified. The Pope, the Monks in monasteries, and common folk alike. Christians prayed to God to heal, forgive, and to save them. This is not how Muslims

  • Christian Response To Black Death

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    Christian and Muslim responses to the Black Death were different but had some similarities like what caused the plague and how to prevent to plague. I am going to be talking about the differences between the two. There are three reason why they are different cause and explanations, responses by the living, and general context of the plague.The next paragraph will be talking about the context of the plague. In this paragraph I will be discussing the general context of the Black Death. The plague is

  • The Mature Christian Response To Individualism Is To Be

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    The mature Christian response to individualism is to be able to fully embrace individuality while still being able to support the value of collectivism. Individualism is often seen to be contradictory to collectivism, but if applied towards altruism it can stand as a crucial role in collectivism. According to Wilkens and Sanford, individualism is the belief that the individual is the primary reality and our understanding of the universe and lifestyle should be centered on the self. However, individualism

  • Christian Response To Research Paper

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    If I were to give someone a Biblical response to growing up in a single parent household, it would depend if they followed Christ. The first response I would give them is that they are loved, and they have people around them that love them and want to be there for them with whatever they may be facing. When they accepted Christ as their savior, they became part of a community of believers whose purpose is to assist each other through the difficulties of life. I would also tell them that even in the

  • Christian Response To Responding To Challenges

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    creatures whom are finite, limited beings while making it clear that we are not God. The author states the reason we need God is to “live” as creatures who are limited beings. His answer is literally a two word answer which is “to live.” I as a Christian understand that greatest gift of creation, is our humanity. We as humans have the gift of freedom and free will, which no other species process on Earth. I also understand that being human, means that we are capable of making mistakes

  • Essay On Christian Response To Black Death

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    The response of Christians and Muslims in dealing with The Black Death was noticeably different in many different ways. During The Middle Ages there were two prominent religions, Christianity and Islam. Although most people were categorized as one or the other, there were still many different point of views and beliefs within those religions. In the occurrence of a deadly plague, people panicked and either turned to the church or they turned away from it. Most Christians believed that society itself

  • Christian And Muslim Responses To Black Death

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    Christian and Muslim responses to the black death were different. They believed in different causes, different treatments, and had different views on the plague. Although this may be true, they can be similar due to both thinking it is a punishment. However, Christian and Muslim responses were mainly different. To put it another way, both Christians and Muslims were both affected hard but handled it in their own way. Many People were affected by the black death, not just Christians and Muslims