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  • Biology Chapter 8 the Cellular Reproduction and Inheritance

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    Chapter 8 The Cellular Basis of Reproduction and Inheritance Multiple-Choice Questions 1) The creation of offspring carrying genetic information from a single parent is called A) asexual reproduction. B) sexual reproduction. C) a life cycle. D) regeneration. E) spontaneous generation. Answer: A 2) Which of the following statements regarding sexual and asexual reproduction is true? A) Cell division only occurs after sexual reproduction. B) Only offspring from asexual reproduction

  • Down Syndrome Essay

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    chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomes within cells are composed of

  • Mitosis And The Phase Of Interphase Essay

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    identical copies of DNA (if properly conducted without error, as is most often the case), but the chain remains in its unraveled form as chromatin until prophase of mitosis. Then, the chromatin condenses into chromosomes, and each pair of duplicated chromosome joins together. Each chromosome in the duplicated pair is now known as a sister chromatid. During metaphase, the sister chromatids align along the imaginary metaphase plate along the center axis of the cell; their positioning is aided by

  • Using Garlic Root Tips to Observe Mitosis

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    Mitosis is a cellular process that replicates chromosomes and produces two identical nuclei in preparation for cell division, from the original cell two cells are derived, each of which possesses the same genetic material. Mitosis has five phases: interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. Interphase The DNA duplicates during interphase to prepare for mitosis. Chromosomes are not clearly discerned in the nucleus. Prophase Chromatin in the nucleus begins to condense and becomes visible

  • Compare And Contrast Prokaryotes And Eukaryotic Cells

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    eukaryotic cell makes the cell more specialised, as the DNA that is responsible for creating new cells becomes more efficient. It must also be noted that “DNA in eukaryotes is neatly organized and packaged into chromosomes, also increasing efficiency”. This system of organised chromosomes, which is not found prokaryotes, is intended to make eukaryotes efficient in its functional groups, and as a result making all eukaryotic cells structurally

  • Heredity and Sex Essay

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    Internalist studies gained importance in the 1890’s to 1900 due to the success of German physiology and experimental embryologists. And the years of 1905-1915 brought a stress of heredity, where research was focused on chromosomes. (Masienschein, 458) Not one specific approach provided a full account of sex determination, however with the convergence of different approaches a new approach was manifested, which reshaped tradition of developmental study. (Maienschein, 458)

  • Biology Exam Revision : Cell Membrane

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    Biology Exam Revision Cells Cell Membrane The cell membrane surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell, separating its contents from the environment around it. The cell surface membrane consists of two layers of phospholipids and regulates what can enter and leave the cell. It is a semi-permeable membrane embedded with proteins, including receptors on the outer surface. Nucleus The nucleus is the ‘brain’ of the cell. It is a large, round organelle and is surrounded by the nuclear envelope (a double membrane)

  • Cell : The Life Cycle Of The Cell And Prokaryotic Cell

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    consist of only one genetic molecule. While eukaryotic cells consist of many genetic molecules, or DNA. Chromosomes are the structures that DNA is packed into, this makes replication and distribution of so much DNA easy to occur. All in all, the overall complex of DNA and the proteins that are the building blocks of the chromosomes is most often referred to as chromatin. Somatic cells contain 46 chromosomes, or 23 sets of two because one set is inherited from one parent, while the other set comes from the

  • The Origin Of Small Cells Responsible Of The Life

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    serving as a protective filter. Inside the cell is the cytoplasmic region that enclose the DNA and ribosomes. On the other hand, plants, animals, fungi, and prostist are composed by eukaryotes cells. All their DNA is formulated in more than one chromosome saved in the cell nucleus, separated from the cytoplasm by a membrane. Their movement is because the components called flagella and cilia. Nowadays, we know that all living organisms are composed by cells, which consume energy, multiply and grow

  • Mutations In MSX1 Case Study

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    Mutations in MSX1 gene cause a verity of diseases. Mutations hit different sites on msx1 that resulted in different phenotypes. It has been identified some mutations’ locations such as in frame mutations, including 18 missense mutations and truncating mutations, including 5 nonsense mutations, 5 indel mutations, 1 splice variant, 1 nonstop variant, and 1 entire gene deletion. Farther, some of these mutations disturb the homeodomain and some don’t but located in N terminus protein. The indel mutations