Colgan Air Flight 3407

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  • Colgan Air And Continental Connection Flight 3407 Air Crash

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    Broward Community College Colgan air/Continental Connection Flight 3407 Air Crash Hugo M. Minaya ASC 2320 Aviation Law Professor Mike Nonnemacher 5 August 2013   Hugo M. Minaya ASC 2320 Aviation Law Professor Mike Nonnemacher November 25, 2016 Colgan air/Continental Connection Flight 3407 Air Crash One of the most controversial and important air crash linked to human error of the modern world happened on the night of February 12, 2009. Colgan air flight 3407, operated by Continental Connection

  • Understanding the Dangers of Pilot Fatigue

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    Fatigue In February of 2009, Colgan Air flight 3407 crashed while on approach killing forty-nine people on board as well as one on the ground according to the official National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Accident Report (2010). In February of 2008, go! flight 1002 ignored several radio calls after departure and eventually flew past its destination and continued over open water according to the NTSB’s Report (2009). In April of 2007, Pinnacle Airlines flight 4712 overran the runway after

  • A Brief Report On Colgan Flight 3407 Essay

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    day it was in the United States, mostly in the eastern section of the great land. Colgan flight 3407 was set for departure from Newark, New Jersey set to land in Buffalo, New York. Traffic was significant enough to illuminate plenty of people travelling to Buffalo and back as a total of 110 recorded flights from different carriers were incoming and going between the two locations. In which seven Continental flights were bound for the Newark Liberty International Airport from Buffalo Niagra International

  • The On A Sleepy Mind And Sleepy Body

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    judgments and more mistakes occur, which in turn leads to accidents. Airlines and government agencies have developed techniques and laws which aid the flight crew to operate while being well rested, resulting in reduced errors. [enter purpose systems] Causes and Sympoms A leading cause in fatigue in pilots is the long hours and times of commuting between flights. Especially at the entry-level flying positions, as a result of the low pay, pilots cannot afford to live near major airports and are required

  • A Problem for the Aviation Industry Essay

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    enhance airline safety and in part prevent an accident of this nature from occurring again (U.S. House 2010). Section 217 of the bill pushes the minimum hours required to act as a pilot on a regional carrier up to 1,500 total flight hours and requires those persons to do an extensive Air

  • The Crash Of The Plane Crash

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    The plane crash occurred on February 12, 2009, approximately 22.17 EST, when the turboprop Bombardier, Colgan Air, Inc., was executing the flight 3407, approaching to the international airport in Buffalo, New York. He crashed into a house in Clarence Center, (NY), five nautical miles to the northeast of the landing site, killing a man on the earth, the passengers and flight crew. Altogether, this tragedy claimed the lives of fifty people. The airplane was destroyed after hitting the ground and because

  • Promoting a Skillful, Safe Cockpit Essay

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    airline safety and in part prevent an accident of this nature from occurring again (U.S. House 2010, 3). Section 217 of bill pushes the minimum hours required to act as a pilot on a regional carrier up to 1500 total flight hours as well as requires those persons to do an extensive Air Transport Pilots examination. Although

  • Benefits Of A Fatigue Management Program Essay

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    Our company has operated as the leader in our industry for a long time. We have since fallen behind in regards to our competitors in that, we have not implemented a fatigue management program. The proposed program will operate at a significant loss ($1.5 million in the first year) with an annual drop in cost of 10-12%. The cost of the program past year five will be $900,000. With that being said, the possibility of lowering our liability in terms of potential incidents in the future significantly

  • How to Improve Airline Safety and Pilot Training Essay

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    On February 12, 2009, a Colgan Airlines flight operating as Continental Connection Flight 3407 crashed two miles from the runway in Buffalo, New York, killing all fifty people aboard.. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation that followed stunned the American public and identified the need to closely examine the regulations governing pilot training and pilot rest requirements, with a strong focus on regional airlines (Berard, 2010, 2). Currently, the United States government

  • Cogan Air Flight Fraud Investigation

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    Colgan air flight 3407 was a larger plane and being so needed a lot of materials to investigate the wreckage. Initially once on scene, an investigator would need to call for as many emergency personnel as possible. This is to secure the area which was as big as a mile wide by at least a half mile in length. During this investigators would need personal protective equipment like gloves, masks, and body suits, to protect against any hazards from the wreck including fires and to prevent inhaling toxins