Columbia River

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  • Humans have Engangered the Columbia River Limpet

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    The Columbia River Limpet, otherwise known as the Short-faced Lanx, is endangered due to human causes. This species is endangered due to population fragmentation and isolation, dam-building, and many other human causes. In addition, habitat loss is one of the biggest problems because this organism has such specific habitat requirements. This species lives in a freshwater ecosystem and now, large populations can only be found in 4 streams. On the other hand, these human-induced problems can be remedied

  • The Athabasca River From The Columbia Ice Field Essay

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    The Athabasca River originates from the Columbia Ice-field and flows in a north-easterly direction about 1500 km to the Athabasca Delta and Lake Athabasca. Throughout its course, the river flows through (or adjacent to) many communities, including Jasper, Hinton, Athabasca, Fort McMurray, and Fort MacKay (with a combined population of more than 155,000 people). Due to its rich natural resources, Athabasca river basin is host of many mining and forestry industries and agricultural activities along

  • The Journey Of The Columbia River

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    September 9, 1805, Lewis and Clark as well as others camped at what is present day Weippe, Idaho after nearly dying of starvation in the mountains. The next month the expedition reached the Columbia River where they constructed a large keelboat in Pittsburg. Lewis took the boat down the river to pick up Clark and the rest of the crew along the way, which saved time. On November 7, 1805, Lewis and Clark were twenty miles from the sea, but the men had to put the trip to a halt for three weeks due to

  • The Bonneville Power Administration ( Bpa ) Service Territory

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    BACKGROUND The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) service territory is in the Pacific Northwest. In 1937, BPA was established to construct facilities required to market and transmit electric power from the Bonneville Dam located on the Columbia River and to construct facilities necessary to transmit that power. BPAs mandate has been expanded to be the marketing agent for power from all of the federally owned hydroelectric projects in the Pacific Northwest, as one of four regional Federal power

  • The Steady Decline of Salmon Populations

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    From the San Francisco Bay to streams and rivers of Oregon, salmon populations have been steadily decreasing over the past two decades but more rapidly within recent years. In general, fish populations in the Pacific Northwest region have always fluctuated, but the overall trend continues on a downward slope to extinction. While natural phenomena such as flooding and predators of the food chain do affect salmon populations, human activity poses the greatest threat by far. The four main reasons of

  • Washington State Research Paper

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    into a set of rivers. All around it thousands of trees stretch around the vicinity for miles. Two cheerful, cute birds fly around in joyous excitement since the flowers slowly bloom open as it’s becoming spring soon. As the soft wind blows gracefully, grass with little droplets of dew wave around delicately. A few feet away a large spider’s web is covered with water droplets and sparkles brightly just like a diamond.

  • The Spanish Sailing Captains: New Spain

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    create the green and over-abundance forestation. Explorers must have been mystified by the vast amount of tall Evergreen trees, the Colombia River’s power and volume, and snowcapped volcanoes intertwined within the mountains ranges. The countless rivers, valleys and creeks, give way to rolling grasslands and hidden rain forests. But above all, the breathtaking islands and waterway of the Puget Sound and the abundance of marine life would have impressed any

  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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    The United States Army Corps of Engineers has built a number of dams within the United States. The Bonneville Dam and other dams along the Columbia River provided local citizens with jobs during the Great Depression and hydropower after their construction. These dams assisted in powering the Manhattan project during World War II. The Turtle Creek Dam, as it sat in 2005, was susceptible to failure if a substantial earthquake were to strike. The Corps of Engineers was contracted to upgrade this dam

  • Greek Man Research Paper

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    How long must a person be dead for it to be considered anthropology and not grave robbing? The answer should be never, but many government officials don’t agree. In the summer of 1996, a skull was found in the Columbia River. After a police investigation, a nearly complete skeleton was found. Forensic anthropologist James Chatters began to study the bones and after a carbon dating test, the skeleton was found to be over 9,000 years old! Almost immediately five tribes, many anthropologists (including

  • The Draining Of Glacial Lake Missoula And The Formation Formations

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    the past resulted from the same slow, steady processes at work today. But Bretz presented evidence that there was at least one exception to this rule-namely the geologic formations of the Columbia River Basin and the Channeled Scablands. He proposed that a glacier caused an ice dam that blocked the Clark Fork River, creating Glacial Lake Missoula. He thought that the ice dam would