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  • Ethical Case Analysis: Bartering Services

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    Ethical Case Analysis: Bartering Services I am currently counseling Sam, whom I have diagnosed with adjustment disorder with mixed emotional features. He has progressed so far, but my anticipated amount of treatment is six months. He mentions that his business is slow and is willing to renovate the bathroom in my new home in exchange for therapy. Sam's proposal presents the dilemma of whether I should consider bartering or determine a more appropriate approach, such as a referral. Ethical Principles

  • Prostitution In Prostitution

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    Owing to a large number of girls who practice prostitution at a very tender age, the law ought to have structures to deal with these vice which is currently not the case. The rate at which girls from the city of New York engage in prostitution is very alarming. Other than just joining the prostitution club, the other shocking revelation is the age in which they begin practicing this act. According to the movie, girls such as Shaneiqua as young as 12 years have been captured on camera explaining their

  • Makala's Consent To Treatment Case Study

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    The consent to treatment became national news when 11-year-old Makala Sault an Ojibway girl from the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation and a Haudenosaunee girl from Six Nations who can only be named as J.J due to a publication ban refused to continue their chemotherapy treatments at McMaster Children’s hospital in Hamilton. Both Makala and J.J were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a bone marrow cancer. During Makala’s chemotherapy her mother Sonya Sault stopped the treatment halfway

  • Questions On Financial Crimes Against The Elderly

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    1st Topic of Discussion: Financial Crimes Against the Elderly. Please see “PD 3324” The Committee discussed Preliminary Draft (PD) No. 3324, Financial Crimes Against the Elderly. This drafted legislation will permit a financial institution to release certain financial records to a law enforcement agency of Adult Protective Services (APS) unit if the financial institution reasonably suspects illegal activity in connection with the account, and provides immunity to a financial institution that releases

  • Quality Of Life And Health Organization

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    Background: Currently, quality of life (QOL) as a measure of individuals’ subjective feelings on various aspects of life and health is regarded as an important concept. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines QOL as ‘an individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns’(World Health Organization, 1997). To evaluate the extent of QOL, the WHOQOL Group developed

  • Ethical Dilemma On Randomized Clinical Trials

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    Ethical Dilemma on Randomized Clinical Trial Randomized clinical trial (RCT) is the most effective way of conducting research on the efficacy and safety of newly developed drugs and medical treatment for public consumption. Like most experiments, there are usually two groups in conducting an RCT: the placebo group and experimental group. In the placebo group, the subjects receive a placebo drug or a drug that is already available and is used to treat a particular disease and in the treatment group

  • 10 Principles Regaarding Ethical Clinic and Set of Guidelines on Clinical Research

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    Nuremberg Code is a set of 10 sophisticate principles regarding ethical clinical research on human being (Grodin, 1994). It is mainly for protection of subjects’ human right (Shuster, 1997), such as compulsory of informed consent and the equal authority of subjects as the physician-researcher to end the experiment. 1.2 Helsinki Declaration (1964) Helsinki Declaration is a set of guidelines on clinical research for physician as their responsibility toward protection of their research subjects

  • The Effects Of Video Games On The Development Of An Individual

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    approval and showed ethical treatment of the subjects by ensuring that their interview process was not mentally or physically harmful to the parents or children being studied. The third obtained informed consent from each of its study participants and showed this through the use of their signed written consent forms. These three studies adhered to the rules and regulations surrounding the study of human beings by obtaining and following ethical guidelines. Approval from a board of ethics, the absence of

  • Essay Helper Client Confidentiality

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    Informed consent and confidentiality play a very important role in the helping profession. The helper needs to clearly communicate to the client that the information shared with them is confidential, meaning that it is not reused for any other purpose other than to assist the client with what they are there to work on (Hill, p.65). The professional must also communicate the three exceptions in which the information shared is not kept confidential. Those exceptions are: 1) When information regarding

  • Good Clinical Practice

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    The investigator informed the participants that he had his hospital ethical approval for the study. The subject in this situation, had given their consent base on a false/incomplete information making their given consent not valid. Furthermore, the investigator in this study, tested an approved medication, but in an unapproved regimen on a large number for HIV patients, exposing them to the possibility of all the medication and trial