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  • Research Paper On Pancakes

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    INTRODUCTION The product offered by Flips are Pancake, Crepes, and Waffle which is made of Pancake mix. Pancake mix is made of flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until smooth. Different varieties of flavors are offered for customer’s satisfaction. PANCAKE The word pancakes appears in print as early as 1430. Pancakes may have been around since Neolithic humans domesticated einkorn wheat, ground it into flour mixed with

  • Descriptive Essay On The Creperie

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    front of a little alcove of an eatery called The Creperie. Seeing the establishment transported me back to the summer of my freshman year when I went to Paris with my family and enjoyed artisan crepes in a little cafe near the Seine river. My stomach immediately began to grumble just thinking about those crepes, and I decided then that I would try out The Creperie. However, the service, food, and ambiance would need to be superb in order to match the level of the authentic French cuisine that I’ve enjoyed

  • Crepes Research Paper

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    Today the 8th grade made crêpes. I thought it was an interesting recipe with simple ingredients. Crêpes are a traditional French dish. I watched Ms. Zavada do this lesson since I had never made crepes before. I actually tried to make one with the left over batter after the students made theirs. I was not so great a making crêpe resembled a brown pancake. When Ms. Zavada discussed the recipe with the students, she focused on how the recipe came to be, going over the directions with the students

  • Crepe Cake Research Paper

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    Words: 627 Eighty five dollars per cake. I was absolutely enraged. How could a cake so delicious, so divine, be so unattainable? On my sixteenth birthday, my cousin treated me to a slice of mille crepe cake. I made sure the first thing I did after licking the plate clean was look up the bakery that baked this delicacy so I could purchase its entire inventory. Then I saw the price. Outraged and heartbroken that I couldn’t afford it, I took it upon myself to attempt to recreate it. After

  • How To Make Crepes

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    If you want to learn how to make crepes, you are in the right place! Crepes have a long history; Crepes where invented in the eighteen-hundreds and were considered a delicacy in France. Back then they used buckwheat instead of flour and water instead of milk. Another delicacy made from crepes is called Crepe Suzette. Crepe Suzette is a desert crepe made with orange zest and alcohol. It was invented when a fourteen year old sous chef accidently set his crepe dish on fire, but it was named by a chef

  • Benefits Of Cream And Strawberry Crepe

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    Cream and strawberry crepe cake Serving Size: 1 slice Servings per Recipe: 12 Freestyle Points per Serving: 7 Calories: 182 Preparation Time: 20 Minutes in total Ingredients: For topping and filling: 1. Whipping cream- 1 cup 2. Strawberries- 1 pound 3. Greek yogurt- 1/3 cup 4. Vanilla extract- 1 teaspoon 5. Cane sugar- 4 tablespoons 6. Powdered sugar- ½ tablespoon For crepe: 1. Egg- 1, large size 2. Egg whites- 2, large size 3. Milk- 1 ¾ cup, fat-free 4. Vanilla extract- 1 teaspoon 5. Canola

  • Purple Crepe Myrtles Research Paper

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    Purple crepe myrtles are a lovely addition to any home's landscaping. They get their name from the purple color of the flowers that bloom in clusters at the end of their branches. The flowers only form on new growth, so it is best to prune back the top thin branches at the end of the season to ensure that there are plenty of blooms during their summertime display. These trees begin flowering in the late spring, and they don't stop until after the first frost. But they are still attractive during

  • Case Study Crepes & Waffles 2011

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    CREPES & WAFFLES CASE STUDY Raul García Gustavo Victoria Julieta Castaneda BACKGROUND INFORMATION Crepes & Waffles a chain of restaurants born of the idea of two young business administration university students, Beatriz Fernandez and Eduardo Macia, who had the vision to create a business in which they only believed. “We are not in the food business but rather in the business of art. Our job is to interpret our client’s dreams and make them come true” 1 Mission Be an admired

  • Swot Analysis On Bakery

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    5.2 Marketing mix 5.2.1 Product/service strategies Friendships Bakery mastered in making high class pastries and crepe cake. It’s a guarantee achievement since all staff is trained well. The illustration below depicts

  • Business Will Be A Limited Liability Company

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    New York metropolitan area, to spread the message of health conscious eating, and to spread our crepe style to as many places as possible. Mission Statement Ridiculous Crêpes will be a local café-creperie based in New Rochelle, New York focusing on sustainable business practices. Our mission is to offer savory and sweet crepes to diverse communities and surrounding towns, with a wide variety of crepe fillings to satisfy any appetite. We also strive to use fresh, seasonal, and organic ingredients