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  • Personhood In The False Princess

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    Who are you? More importantly, who would you like to be seen as to everyone else? Some may say they want to be an astronaut, or a photographer, or a successful business person. Unfortunately, wanting to be something and actually being something are two very different things according to Western Michigan University professor Ilana Nash. She claims “A woman’s personhood can exist fully only in a society that support it … unless her society shares that view, she will not enjoy real freedom” (Nash 45)

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Market Based Optimal Power Flow?

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    Optimal power flow is defined as fulfilling the power requirements of consumer’s with least outlay of power generation. OPF is a functional unit that reduces the production expenditure, bus voltage divergences and losses which enhances the structure functionality by fulfilling some restraints. The nature of some of the variables follows continuity with real output of power and voltage and few other variables in OPF is discrete with phase shifters, reactive injections and tap settings in transformers

  • Analysis Of Wind Power

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    simulation (MCS) method need high simulation time but it is popular because of simple implementation and high accuracy [], [], []. Analytical methods use linearization so have less accuracy [], [], [].Ref[] propose an analytical method based on cumulants and Gram-Charlier expansion to solve the probabilistic load flow (PLF) considering load correlation. Point estimate method (PEM), which is used to solve POPF in [], [], [] is one of the approximation methods. These methods have less computational

  • Comparison Of Heuristic Algorithms Of Renewable Energy Resources For Loss Reduction

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    time, the analytical probabilistic methods are anticipated. The main benefit of the analytical methods is to avoid the massive calculation time, and to ensure the simplicity to integrate more assumptions and complex mathematical techniques [5, 6]. Cumulants mechanism combined with the Gram-Charlier extension is offered to fix O-PLF in many manuscripts [7-9]. The unscented transformation (UT) method is applied in order to study the optimal probabilistic load flow analysis under the uncertainty of wind

  • Advantages Of Multimodal Biometric System

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    Study of Biometric, Multimodal Biometric Systems Dhanashri J. Ghate Department Of Computer Engineering GHRCEM, Pune University, India Abstract: Now a days Security of computer science and information technology is an important issue.Authentication and identification are related to the security.the traditional methods for confirming persons identity involve use of ATM,Pins,Password which can be lost or stolen.So it

  • Cognitiveradio and Networking Research at Virginia Tech

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    INVITED PAPER Cognitive Radio and Networking Research at Virginia Tech A large research team with a wide range of expertiseVfrom ICs and reconfigurable computing to wireless networkingVworks to achieve the promise of cognitive radio. By Allen B. MacKenzie, Senior Member IEEE , Jeffrey H. Reed, Fellow IEEE , Peter Athanas, Senior Member IEEE , Charles W. Bostian, Fellow IEEE , R. Michael Buehrer, Senior Member IEEE , Luiz A. DaSilva, Senior Member IEEE , Steven W. Ellingson, Senior Member IEEE

  • Monte Carlo Simulation

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    Preface This is a book about Monte Carlo methods from the perspective of financial engineering. Monte Carlo simulation has become an essential tool in the pricing of derivative securities and in risk management; these applications have, in turn, stimulated research into new Monte Carlo techniques and renewed interest in some old techniques. This is also a book about financial engineering from the perspective of Monte Carlo methods. One of the best ways to develop an understanding of a model of,

  • La Stratégie de Gamme Au Sein de L’entreprise

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    Chapitre II : La stratégie de gamme au sein de l’entreprise Introduction : Une gamme de produit est la réponse de l’entreprise aux besoins détectés sur le marché. Qu’elle soit destinée aux consommateurs ou aux entreprises clientes, la gamme est avant tout la réponse aux attentes ou aux besoins ressentis. Le responsable produit, structure souvent sa gamme sous plusieurs dimensions et niveaux lui permettent de bien segmenter sa clientèle afin de mieux lui répondre et l’aider de ce fait à se repérer