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  • Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving

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    Did you know that nearly 1,300,000 people die a year from texting and driving? Yet, people are still doing it today. Texting and driving is a very dangerous thing. The fact that texting and driving can cause accidents, risking your life and others’, and delay and distraction leads to the idea that people should stop texting and driving. There are many bad things that can happen from texting and driving. When people take their eyes off of the road, they are risking an incident or even their

  • Importance Of Freedom Of The Press

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    The freedom of the press was given to all Americans at the very start of building our union and joining the 13 divided colonies into a more united nation. To get all the thirteen colonies to agree on the signing of the Constitution a Bill of Rights was promised to the framers. The Bill of Rights is comprised with ten amendments giving a sense of security to the framers in making sure that the government won't take all power away from the citizens residing the the country. The first amendment included

  • The Role of a Journalist

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    Role of Journalist Australian writer/journalist Karl Karus said it best when he said, “corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.” For decades, the United States has been one the most notable countries to come under fire with reports of government corruption. During the dawn of the new millennium the Transparency Corruption began to publish their Corruption Perceptions Index

  • All The President 's Men

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    employees resigned, were fired, or were arrested. Watergate was truly an earth shattering event that rocked America’s government. The 1976 film All the President’s Men is a historical movie depicting the investigation that Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, two Washington Post reporters, carried out to find out the truth about the Watergate scandal during President Nixon’s reelection. Woodward’s White House insider, who was called “Deep Throat,” provided much needed clues, confirmations, and answers

  • Essay on Investigative Reporting is the Driving Force in Journalism

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    Investigative reporting has been a driving force in journalism for centuries. The reporting tradition of revealing misconduct was already well established much before the 20th Century. Its practise even predates the publication of the first successful colonial newspaper in 1704, demonstrating the press’ watchdog role has had deep historical roots in democracy much prior to the 1960s. Over the past three centuries, investigative reporters have tried to make a difference by raising public consciousness

  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestr The Only Major American Orchestra

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    Founded in 1916, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is the only major American orchestra originally established as a branch of the municipal government. It was later reorganized as a private institution in 1942. The orchestra’s primary venue is the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, with the Music Center at Strathmore in Bethesda as a secondary; making it the nation’s first orchestra with year-round venues in two metropolitan areas. The ensemble performs more than 130 concerts a year and has had 89 world

  • Richard Nixon 's Impact On The Nation

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    In his first couple of months in the oval office, Richard Nixon positively impacted the nation. As did most previous presidents do, Nixon had put himself right into action making sure he could build up and maintain and good reputation in office. But soon after completing his first term, disaster struck just as reelection was coming up. Nixon had destroyed his reputation, and by doing so showed the people how easy it was to be successful at a point and then lose it all due to one event, Watergate

  • Scandal : The Watergate Scandal

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    Kristine Holdorf March 16, 2015 English 122 Scandal Paper Final Draft The Watergate Scandal High-level political and governmental figures are often involved in influencing public policy as well as taking part in decision making. We look up to them and trust them to make our country a better place and protect us. Presidents, for instance, are very powerful leaders who enforce our nation’s laws and work very hard to keep our country safe. Presidents are often described as being courageous, dedicated

  • Watergate Is Too The Truth From Fiction

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    made in the reporting of this story was getting the information from a second-hand source. According to a Democratic Party Investigator, Alfred Baldwin, a security guard for Nixon’s reelection committee, had named three men who saw these memos. Bernstein and Woodward did try to confirm this source through another party, a Justice Department official, but his confirmation was of incorrect information. As a result of this false report, William E. Timmons, Robert Odle, and Glenn Sedam were falsely

  • Watergate : A Decade Of Corruption, Lies, And Shadiness

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    Olivia Sees Mrs. Shandera & Mr. Hill English pd. 3 & History pd. 9 10 February 2017 *Insert Title Here* The 1970 's: a decade of corruption, lies, and shadiness. It seemed impossible any good could come out of such a disaster. However, only one thing was certain: United States Government would never be the same. Republican President Richard Nixon ran for reelection in 1972, amidst the Vietnam War and a divided nation ( Staff). It was crucial that Nixon and his reelection team put forth