Deep diving

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  • Reflection Of Journal Writing : Personal Aspects Of Personal Writing

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    knows what's on the paper because it made the words form the piece you are looking at. I always try to make the experience an adventure. Thinking of the rereading as a deep dive. Deep diving sounds exciting, almost pirate-like. You get to look for treasure. Or in this case writing devices that keep popping up in your writing. My deep dive produced a few things I hadn’t noticed while writing my journals. I found that in my journals I tend to follow the troupe of chronologically filing the events, that

  • Martha Rinaldi : An Assistant Product Manager At Potomac Waters

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    Martha Rinaldi was an Assistant Product Manager at Potomac Waters, a beverage company producing non-alcoholic drinks. She began this position after graduating with a marketing MBA from a top business school in Chicago. Rinaldi visited the company and was confident it offered all her needs. Her job was to help develop a new line of health fruit drinks branded Invi in the Health Drinks Division. Although she was excited to begin her new position, she found Jamie Vaughan, an associate product manager

  • Personal Writing Essay

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    swimming alone, after about three seconds I caught the ledge, the shock of it distracted me I could not believe it. When the instructress went on to other people I tried again this time using different styles of swimming I was confident with diving and front stroke. At the end of the session I was pleased with myself and so were my friends. Three years after practicing and learning more and more I kept attending I never missed a session until finally the club moved to Walworth

  • High School Swimming Pool

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    stench of chlorine burned our noses as we entered the pool. The interior design of the sport complex was amazing although it seemed like a jail. The pool reminded me about the same pool during Frasers swim meet. The vast pool was filled with swimmers diving in and climbing out of the lanes. We had a bit of time to rest before the first event started so we made use of the time to practice. Luckily, the individual medleys were the first events to start off the 2015 High School Swimming Provincials swim

  • My Experience : My Fear Of Deep Water

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    As a kid who still hasn't turned double digits yet, I was always afraid of deep water. Even though I loved to swim, I found it terrifying to dip my feet in a pool more than 5 feet deep. Most of the time, I was terrified due to overthinking that there could be a possibility of monsters in the deep end. Also because I wasn't a confident swimmer and I always had the thoughts of drowning. After a week, came the day I finally got to swim again. I was really excited since I loved to swim and I was

  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Memorable Drowning Moment

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    “Mind-stability, body and character,” we think of the freshmen in high school, who also love swimming. In addition, most of us have a memory from our childhood about a time we were almost drowned in trying to swim in deep water, and I am no exception. I struggled to swim in the deep water that compressed my body like the weight of the galaxy was on my shoulders. When life was in danger, I hung in there, and I did not back down, and I did not give up my life. So, the moment etched in my head that

  • High School Swimming Personal Statement

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    People need self-motivation to succeed because not every problem can be solved by others, some have to be solved by oneself. When conflicts arise, individuals need to seek out the path of best fit to conquer the issue at hand. Throughout my entire childhood, I aspired to be a great swimmer. When I was a young adolescent, my favorite sport to watch during the Olympics was swimming. How could someone move so fast through the water? The extremely close races and extraordinary comebacks always excited

  • Doping is a Fool’s Game

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    All athletes of all sports on a professional level must be required to undergo drug testing for performance enhancing drugs prior to participating in any sporting event to ensure an equal level playing field for all competing athletes, no matter the sport. Furthermore, performance enhancing drugs are illegal and must remain this way in order to keep fairness in the competitive world of sports. The bottom line is that athletes should not be able to do performance enhancing drugs and continue to

  • I Quit A Swimming Pool

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    one. The reason I didn 't ride the other slide was because the line was too long.I decided to take a break and just lay and soak up the sun. As I soaked up the sun I saw that they had an indoor pool. I decided to go and check it out. Then I saw a diving board and a big lap pool and just a swimming pool and there were 3

  • Resarch Paper Proposal: The Box Jellyfish

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    Resarch Paper Proposal: The Box Jellyfish As far back as I can trace my memories I remember that as a child I always liked to be in the water. Swimming pools were my absolute favorite. Wherever I went, I would always ask if there was a swimming pool. However, things changed when my parents took me to Florida for the first time. When I looked out onto the ocean my parents told me that the first words that came out of my mouth were, “Look mom, dad it’s a huge swimming pool!” I bet anyone can