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  • The Importance Of Doing Business In Iraq

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    Doing business in Iraq The business model, into this age of information, has integrated itself with many cultures. One of the results of this globalization is development and research into international business and work related culture. In a recent paper by Mooij & Hofstede (2010), it found focus on researching and investigating culture is becoming more popular. Looking at the exponential growth and influence of international, more International Managers are becoming aware of the impact and importance

  • The Importance Of Doing Business In India

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    After Looking at the current ease of doing business rankings that are available for public view at, there is a lot of insight that can be attained regarding India’s attractiveness towards new entrepreneurs that are looking to break into new international markets. Just from looking at the data within the site, we see that India is ranked as the 100th country within the 190 countries listed within the index. It is interesting to see that although ranked 100th overall, they

  • My First Love Is Doing Business

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    My first love was doing business. With my family operating a restaurant when I was a child, I unconsciously learned how to run an operation and deal with customers within the business surroundings. It would be easy to trace its origins back to my mother, who was a restaurant manager, and while she definitely encouraged me, I had a natural drive to unlock the power of doing business, which gave me a lens through which to view the world around me. During the summer of my junior year in high school

  • Patagonia Another Way of Doing Business

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    Chouinard who defines himself as a reluctant business man. He started his business as a way to climb and surf year long, seeking to build the best product to satisfy his passion. “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” –Patagonia's Mission Statement Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism remains at the heart of a worldwide business that still makes clothes for climbing as

  • Selecting A Form Of Entity For Doing Business

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    Selecting a form of entity for doing business. Tax payers, who are business owners, including the self-employed, have choices regarding how to set up their entity for tax purposes. Generally, the following options are available for tax payers: Sole Proprietorship Single Member Limited Liability Company “S” Corporation “C” Corporation Sole Proprietorships do not file any documents, including annual reports, with the Secretary of State. Accordingly, they do not have legal or creditor protection

  • Doing Business With the Government: Fed Biz Opps Case Study

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    Background Doing Business With The Government Because of the size of federal government, there are often opportunities for businesses to work fiscally with the government. When businesses research the possibility of doing business with the government, the verbiage shows that while there are a number of steps necessary in order to qualify for government contracts, there are also tremendous opportunities. When dealing with the ethical issues surrounding government contracts, it seems as there

  • Cross-Cultural Differences Between Doing Business in France and China

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    limit. Some cross-cultural differences will not disappear so easily and managers will have to understand and appreciate these cultural ‘oddities' if they wish to run a successful business. Let us take China and France as examples of two very different countries that may have cross-cultural problems while doing business. First we will give a general overview of the two countries and then discuss some management practices that may vary between these eastern and western cultures. General Overview:

  • Doing Business in India

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    BUAD 526: International Management October 12, 2009 Doing Business in India The seventh largest country in the world and the second most populated country in the world is located in South Asia. This country is known as India. India consists of different states which speak different languages. Hindi is considered to be the official language by the government. India has different cultural beliefs, values, religions, and politics that allow it to stand out from its neighboring and surrounding

  • The Climate Of Doing Business

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    The climate of doing business is constantly in flux. There are new opportunities in the global economy; however there are risks that are associated. The interdependence between governments, regulations, and companies play an important role in leadership; unexpected events like terrorism and natural disasters can send political and economic shocks in the energy market. This interdependence can often times make good business sense as parties can use their experience and technologies towards projects’

  • Doing Business in Mexico

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    Executive Summary To be given an opportunity to do business in Mexico, one must understand where to start and how to deal with a totally different social and cultural environment from what one is accustom too. To succeed in making a good first impression and to carry out any type of business transaction, it is important to understand what these differences are. When conducting business in Mexico, there are specific things that must be understood and complied with. Just understanding how important