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  • Result Management And Analysis System Is A Windows Application For An Educational Institute

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    1.1 PROBLEM SUMMARY & INTRODUCTION Result management and Analysis System is a windows application for an educational institute which focuses on the analysis and evaluation of the result of the students for the organization. Its main task is to generate the reports for different criteria of result. Achieving this objective is difficult using a manual system as the information of result is scattered, can be redundant and collecting relevant information may be very time consuming. Technology is always

  • Example Of Web View Solution

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    Web View Solution have been striving to provide unique and cutting-edge solutions for diverse business domains like - Web designing, Ecommerce Solutions, Open Source Customization, Software Development and Custom Software Products. To make your business more profitable, productive and well organized; we offer an excellent range of in-house solutions that will surely take your business to the next level. The company mainly works on the two core agenda –‘Innovation’ and ‘Creativity’ that eventually

  • IT 236

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    Create a Web page using Adobe® Dreamweaver®. 3.3 Explain design principles for effective Web site navigation. 3.4 Prototype various layouts of a home page and secondary pages. Reading Read Ch. 4 of Principles of Web Design. Reading Read Starting Up of Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom. Reading Read Lesson 1 of Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom. Reading Read Lesson 2 of Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom. Reading Read Lesson 3 of Dreamweaver CS6 Digital Classroom.

  • My Internship At Clientserver Technology Solutions

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    1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am extremely grateful to Ms.Mrinalini V, Supervisor at ClientServer Technology Solutions and Mr.Srinivas Arra, President at ClientServer Technology Solutions for their help and support during my internship.I would like to express heartfelt gratitude their valuable suggestions, guidance, encouragement and co-operation throughout the project. Let me thank all my staff individuals and friends at ClientServer Technology Solutions for all the assistance and co-ordination

  • Task Bi: Conceptual Modeling Tool

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    In Task Bi I created a structure diagram is a conceptual modeling tool used to document the different structures that make up a system such as a database or an application. It shows the hierarchy or structure of the different components or modules of the system. I have added all the links of the websites I will be using. However, due to my website plan being complex I added less links made it simple and look professional. The index page is the URL or local file that automatically loads when a web

  • The Creation of an E-Portafolio

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    indispensable the use of different sources of information such as the tutor tutorial classes and other web sites and YouTube videos to help understand better how to use and create a HTML and CSS web page (see appendices for references). The Adobe Dreamweaver is a software application for creating web pages, essentially, a web editor and HTML programming entirely in connection with CSS application (Connection, 2014). CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, which is a style language that defines the

  • Dreamland Book Analysis

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    Dreamland Can Riley break through the nightmare to reach her sister? Dreamland by Alyson Noel is about a girl who tried to save her sister but got trapped in a nightmare by satchel an evil ghost. The protagonist of this novel is Riley bloom. She is a confident person but she never listens. In the story, she learns to always listen to good advices. There was no time period because in the story it says the time is now. The conflict is man vs self because Riley keeps on being selfish,

  • A Report On Web Design

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    disadvantages of each are and I will give comparisons. There will also be some useful user recommendations. Ok let’s get started, first of all you need an application for creating a webpage and one that is widely used and one that I have chosen is Dreamweaver. It is a basic enough program but there are more advanced programmes out there. Being able to upload websites within seconds is very popular with users. The code screen is also quite easy on the eye for people used to creating websites that is,

  • ICT Cambridge Tech AS - Unit 17 - P1 (Passed)

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    P1 – Summarise accurately the principles of interactive media authoring with some appropriate use of subject terminology. In this report there will be an overview explaining and talking about the tools used for interactive media authoring, the production process, the uses of interactive media authoring, the delivery formats of interactive media authoring products, the elements which will be included for creating the product and the interactivity and control methods which will be used. Definition

  • Designing A Website Of The Chandigarh University ( Cu )

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    CHAPTER 1 Introduction and Concept Formulation 1.1 Case Study and Problem Statement In this project, we are going to make a website of the Chandigarh university (CU) which including attendances, login/username and result exams. The main benefit of this web site to provide a simple and efficient layout or store a data for student, admin and faculty to access their data from their homes or also within the University Premises .Before to designing of the website, we need to know that there are different