Duplin County

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  • Environmental Factors In Duplin County

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    a) Identify environmental factors that might be prevalent in Duplin County that could trigger asthma attacks. Use referenced data to support your answer. Environmental factors are characteristics or elements in an individual’s surrounding environment that can impact the survival or growth of that individual. In Scenario B, there are numerous environmental factors in Duplin County that are prevalent, thus triggering asthma attacks. Such environmental factors can be physical, demographic, cultural

  • Is America A Beautiful Country

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    Some might say that America is a beautiful country, and that it is filled with freedom and hard work, but is it truly? After some quick research, I have come to disagree. Even though we are a powerful country, we seem to be divided amongst our people by some particular reasons. After some further research, I have come to conclude that these reasons are;Political problems, unhealthy food, and the fact that other countries have what we have. You may be thinking, “How would this cause someone to leave

  • A1: Describe The Organization. Duplin County Sheriff’S

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    A1: Describe the Organization Duplin County Sheriff’s Office is located in North Carolina and is the main law enforcement agency inside of the county. The purpose of the Sheriff’s Office is to provide services to all of the residents in the county. The Sheriff’s Office is made up of multiple different divisions that perform numerous different tasks. The Sheriff’s Office is made up of several different divisions, although all the divisions essentially have the same goal. The entire office has to work

  • A Model Of Governance Through Capitalistic Ideals

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    Want to know a little known fact? Local government is one of the most influential factors in the American way of life, but it is not even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Essentially the Constitution set up national and state governments but leaves local governments out creating a gray area. This area has been filled with many different methods and types of government. One of the ideas which pertains to filling this gray area is the Tiebout model. In essence this is a model of governance through

  • Buffalo For Real Case Study

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    The narrative that gets told about a city influences public policies, economic development initiatives, and even civic morale and engagement. For example, in the case of Buffalo, pervasive myths about high property tax rates have influenced the public’s perception about the funding of public programs and fed the desire for irresponsible tax cuts. Similarly, stories that fail to acknowledge issues of poverty, inequality, and segregation marginalize certain groups and hinder constructive dialogue on

  • Texas Politics Essay

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    the state of Texas. Texas has 254 counties, the most of any state. Each county is governed by a five-member Commissioners Court, which consists of a County Judge (elected at-large) and four Commissioners (elected from single-member precincts). The County Judge has no veto authority over the decisions of the Court, s/he has one vote along with the other Commissioners. In smaller counties, the County Judge also performs judicial functions, while in larger counties his/her role is limited to the Court

  • General-Purpose State Governments

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    governmental functions, and counties, municipalities, and towns and townships all fall into this category. Special purpose local governments generally focus on a specific purpose and one function. Best known of these are the school districts. Regardless of name, it is state government that gives local governments of all types their legal life. Counties were created to function as appendages of the state, but modernization and population growth have put pressures on counties

  • The Effects Of High Compliance Rate On Municipal City Of Portmore, Jamaica

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    Research Design and Methodology 4.1Introduction The purpose of this study is to find out what are the causes of the high compliance rate in property taxes in the municipal city of Portmore, Jamaica. Taxes are of essential importance to small developing countries as they do not have much needed resources. As further developments takes place in the municipal city property values will increase, hence the amount of property tax collected by the Portmore municipal council will also increase. This increase

  • Relationship Between State and Local Government Essay

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    Forms of Local Government The basis for county, city and special district governing and authority are laid out in the State Constitution and Government Code. Counties in California are responsible for providing limited services to unincorporated areas. The state Legislature created the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) in 1963 to control local government fragmentation. The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) gives counties the power to tax, create special districts and annex unincorporated

  • The Ethical Theory Of Ethics

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    place? Should you simply condone the behavior, participate in it, or remove yourself from the situation? Is there more at stake here than just your own interests and prosperity? This essay will look at a case study involving corruption in a local county government. In this case, Jenny must decide whether or not to expose the rampant corruption prevalent in her workplace. Should Jenny turn a blind eye thereby avoiding any negative consequences, or should she expose these actions and possibly compromise