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  • The Writer 's Credibility And The Reader 's Efficiency

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    the text. Editors suggest appropriate changes according to what the writer wants to accomplish and the intended audience –which determines the content, organization and tone. Thus, the end result of substantive editing is a balance between the writer’s intentions with the reader’s expectations which in turn serves the text reliable, accurate and hopefully, useful. Readers respect authors when there is no faulty or missing information. In order to protect the writer’s credibility, editors consult

  • Harrower And Elman Rules Of Thumb

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    attract readership and optimize the newspaper’s effectiveness in presenting information (Holmes, Hadwin & Mottershead, 2014). Harrower and Elman’s ‘Rules of Thumb’ (2012) has always considered as an excellent guidelines of layout and design for the editors and journalism students. This assignment will select three of the ‘Rules of Thumb’ and discuss how they are used by an English tabloid-size newspaper for the layout and design. Three pages layout from The Star newspaper have been chosen for discussion

  • Ethics in the Editing Business

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    profession. Professional editors Tod Roberts and Mary Schendlinger both suggest that some of the most fundamental principles of ethics in editing include the editor’s responsibility to the writers, to society/readers, and to the editing profession itself. An editor’s objective is to adequately balance the writer’s needs, the industry’s standards, and the reader’s expectations so as to produce a story that satisfies all three. One of the very important ethical codes that editors should always remember

  • The Writing A Great Swoosh Of Energy

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    most teachers adapt some form of in-class editing, or peer-editing. Though the problem with this is that poor editors do not just have an effect on their own writing and their own essay, but they affect others, as well. Students do not put as much time or effort into revising as they are required to do. The rough draft is meant to be byzantine, with the understanding that a thorough editor will comb through every sentence and completely tear it apart. “In a great swoosh of energy, [the writer] plunges

  • What Is The Editor?

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    chief editor for the newspaper it is ultimately my responsibility to do what is best for the publication and my staff. Due to a recent employee’s actions, I must now make a decision that will affect that employee, but also myself, other staff members, and even members of the community. The employee in question is the sports editor of the newspaper whose excessive overtime is causing the paper to hemorrhage money that could ultimately cost jobs or even the publication itself. While this editor is

  • Editor Essay

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    TinyMCE-based editor is giving way to a new and better experience dubbed the Gutenburg editor. Over the last 6 months, this editor has been in development and is now ready for testing. You can download the new editor as a plugin now and test it for yourself. One word of warning however, you may not want to load it on a live site just yet. So if you have a local test site give it a go and see what you think. Need a test environment? Try Local by Flywheel. What is the Gutenburg Editor? So what is

  • Essay Letter to the Editor

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    Letter to the Editor on Marriage Elizabeth Nunez DeVry University Advanced Composition January 12, 2014 Letter to the Editor on Marriage I am writing in regards to Tauriq Moosa’s We need to have a frank discussion about marriage featured on The Guardian website. It is an intriguing article that brings up many excellent points and I want to commend Tauriq on his dedication to the topic of marriage and its place in today’s society. As a wife and a mother of two I have some disagreements

  • Vaccination Letter To Editor

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    Dear Editor, I am writing you this letter about vaccinations, and to show you how important they really are. Firstly this is because getting vaccinations are better for your own health. Secondly this is because it helps others stay healthy. Thirdly this is because it could give you more opportunities in life. It is better for your own health because well obviously you are protected from diesis. It helps prevent out breaks. It also helps the CDC have a better idea on where outbreaks are more likely

  • Becoming A Writer As Editor

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    pre-existing knowledge in your field. Launching Queendom Magazine has afforded me the opportunity to learn thing that I would not have if I had solely a writer. It has also exposed me to more than I would have encountered before. In my function as Editor In Chief, I have been receiving countless articles from writers with varying writing skill sets and levels. Some of the pieces that I receive take my breath away, either because the writer and/or their message were amazing or because the piece’s

  • Letter to the Editor Essay

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    Dear Editor, I was disgusted to read the letter from Mr I Amok, and the points he made on poverty. Where he said, “poverty isn’t that bad, only a few people are really poor”. I think that he hasn’t studied countries enough because countries in Africa have people that can’t even afford food, clean water and clothing as it is stated in the booklet where it said, "our water hole dried up". Where he said people just want us to “feel sorry for them”, they just want us to