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  • The Importance Of Technology In Elementary Schools

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    CONTENT: This study was carried out among students at schools and College in Chennai, TamilNadu, India. Chennai is one of the most popular metropolitan cities in TamilNadu. The control route of smart (Student Media Awareness to Reduce Television), theory-based classroom curriculum to reduce screen time among third and fourth grade children in two matched public elementary schools (n=181). Intervention of school children and reduction of television in weekdays and Sunday video game playing compared

  • Elementary Hosts Popcorn At School

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    Every other Friday, Cascades Elementary hosts Popcorn Friday in their cafeteria. Volunteers come and help make, bag, and distribute the salty snack to the classrooms. The line goes popcorn machine, empty bags, bag folders and tape placers, finished bags, and classroom totes. However, to make the line flow easily, the line might go; empty bags, popcorn machine, bag folders, tapers, finished bags in lines of five, and the classroom totes that are brought up from the classroom. This suggested lineup

  • The Importance Of Natural Disasters In Elementary Schools

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    other information that is temporarily learned for the purpose of a course. During elementary school, we are absorbing all types of new information from learning the alphabet to learning how to write a sentence. Through these years we are also taught basic fire safety skills, who to call in case of an emergency, and what to do in case of a fire alarm or lock down. However, we are never taught throughout our years of school, how to prepare for a disaster. It is during this time where we should implement

  • The Elementary School : A Typical Of American Society

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    Gant Elementary School is a typical of American society in being culturally and linguistically diverse. According to its enrollment demographics, the total enrollment in Minnie Gant Elementary School is 590 over the school year from 2014 to 2015. Among them, 52% of the students are white, 20% are Hispanics or Latinos, 7.5% are Asians, 6.4% are Black or African Americans, and 6.1% have two or more races. “Language diversity is a fact in U.S. school,” said my SERVE class teacher—Mrs. Mueller—now teaching

  • Narrative Essay On The Jungle Catcher In Elementary School

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    I nearly severed an artery when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember how old I was when this happened. But I do know it was early elementary school, because I was stupid. Stupid enough to think wearing pink fuzzy sweatpants and a white and blue shirt looked nice together. Not to mention I wasn’t bright enough to realize that hanging upside down on the jungle gym in that type of pants would cause me to slip. It was during afternoon recess, and I was playing with a friend. I don’t remember

  • Personal Narrative: A Trip To Terminal Park Elementary School

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    On Thursday 12/01/16 at 2236 hours I was dispatched to Terminal Park Elementary School located at 1101 D ST SE because four juveniles had knocked over a donation bin and were throwing rocks at the school (reference AP160088033). Dispatch advised it was possibly related to two other malicious mischief calls that had just previously occurred in the nearby area. I knew Officer D. Pedersen was at 107 16th ST SE located in the city of Auburn, King Co, WA, for a rock being thrown through a living room

  • Understanding The Communication Patterns, And Development Of East Lincoln Elementary School Essay

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    On Friday September 23rd, 2016, I volunteered at East Lincoln Elementary School in Tullahoma, Tennessee. During that time, I assisted with office communication, cut math flashcards for tutorials, and organized the donations for the clothes closet for indigent students. In this paper, I will analyze the communication patterns, organizational patterns, and development of East Lincoln Elementary School. Communication Direction While volunteering at East Lincoln, I was able to observe the employees

  • Elementary School Reflection

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    People say that Elementary school is primarily for developing social skills and creating habits of productive school practices. I excelled in the second part of that statement, I put everything I had into learning anything and everything my teachers would teach me. However the social aspect of my early childhood was lacking in certain areas. I didn’t know it at the time but I suffered from severe Anxiety and OCD. So while the other kids would go outside to recess I would beg my teacher to let me

  • My Experience Of School Experience In Elementary School

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    Well, I’ve had a pretty bad school experience almost my entire life honestly. Elementary school was the only exception. Elementary school years were pretty great had a lot of friends, I was popular among teachers I still technically am. Elementary school was fun had a lot of great times and memories some good some bad, but overall it was pretty great. Minus reading logs those sucked and what made me lose my interest in reading. I was such a great reader I would read like a 7th or 8th-grade level

  • Job Satisfaction, Work Attitude and Stress Tolerance of Public Elementary School Teachers

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    working away from their home and family and could only go home weekly, or the least once a month due to the distance of the schools they are assigned. However, districts located in the hinterland such as Paquibato, had most number of teacher applicants every year. Reason of this scenario could be the fact that many teachers are applying for transfer to the nearby schools after a one or two years of service and that applicant could be hired easily. Nevertheless, some teachers had tenured in