Understanding The Communication Patterns, And Development Of East Lincoln Elementary School Essay

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On Friday September 23rd, 2016, I volunteered at East Lincoln Elementary School in Tullahoma, Tennessee. During that time, I assisted with office communication, cut math flashcards for tutorials, and organized the donations for the clothes closet for indigent students. In this paper, I will analyze the communication patterns, organizational patterns, and development of East Lincoln Elementary School.
Communication Direction While volunteering at East Lincoln, I was able to observe the employees, their relationship with their coworkers, and with their bosses. When I was in the front office working with the office ladies, I noticed they displayed a great amount of horizontal communication. They enhanced their productivity by sharing information. It was clear to see that the ladies were all friends and got along well with each other. This helped their efficiency as well as making the day more enjoyable.
Organizational Culture East Lincoln is the highest poverty-ridden elementary school in the area of Tullahoma, Tennessee. The teachers and staff at East Lincoln have caring hearts and are willing to go above the status quo in order to fulfill their students’ needs. On the East Lincoln Elementary School website, their Mission Statement is, “We are dedicated to providing a quality education in safe, welcoming environment that fosters creative and critical thinking in order to produce independent and productive citizens” (East Lincoln Elementary School). This Mission Statement

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