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  • Ellis Island: The Gateway to America

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    and hard processes at the Immigration Center, known as Ellis Island. Ellis Island is located on the Hudson River off the New York City Harbor and in between Governor’s Island and the Statue of Liberty. Before receiving the name, “Ellis Island,” he Native Americans called it “Kioshk,” meaning Gull Island, and used it to hunt and gather fish. Samuel Ellis became the island’s private owner in the 1780s. After his death, his family sold the Island to the state of New York. In 1808, as America was preparing

  • Narrative Essay About Ellis Island

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    Ellis Island Essay January 1,1892 getting ready to aboard the ship with my best friend Ashlyn Yaya and heading towards Ellis Island. It's kind of exciting,but depressing at the same time because I have to leave my family. We both came from South Sudan. It took us an hour to get ready because we had no clue what to pack. What I packed was at least five outfits,a toothbrush,perfume,deodorant,money,and three pair of shoes. I had one big suitcase and started walking towards the ship while shaking

  • The Island Of Immigrants, Ellis Island

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    were only prepared to carry products and carriages. We know that there are many different people in America from different nations, but what was it like for those people to voyage all the way here, and what was it like to experience The Island of Immigrants, Ellis Island? All around Europe, many nations were forcing citizens to join the army during war, but many of those natives did not want to die in war. So, what did they do? Most of those citizens decided to move to the big, open lands of America

  • Ellis Island Essay

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    Ellis Island, which was an immigration station, opened in 1892. Ellis Island was a place where Immigrants from all over Southern and Eastern Europe, Greece, Serbia and Hungary to name a few came to have a chance at getting into America. Immigrants came to Ellis Island for many different reasons such as war, drought, famine, religion, and political and economic oppression. Although coming to Ellis Island was one step closer to freedom, the immigrants still had many more obstacles to face. The immigrants

  • Ellis Island Summary

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    Summary of evidence Field work at Ellis Island 2015 Spent the day at the Ellis Island Monument, listening to the auditory evidence, saw some of the holding rooms where the immigrants were held, the medical examination room were immigrants were further inspected, the detention room and the main hall where all the immigrants would wait to be told if they could go onto the mainland. Because of a flood that had happened in previous years, some of the evidence had been destroyed and visitors weren’t

  • Essay on Ellis Island

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    On December 31, 1890 a transition in history occured. New York City would start a new era in the history of the United States starting with the opening of Ellis Island as an immigration depo. This attracted many immigrants to the United Stated because of more job opportunities and as means to start a new life. As more immigrants came to America, it began to be known as the "land of opportunities". Immigrants coming in filled work spaces in industries with the hopes of someday becoming successful

  • Essay On Ellis Island

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    Ellis Island was referred to as “a police station, but a palace.” This was the reference used to describe the island during the great immigration period. This reference all depended on how people were treated throughout their journey. It could be referred to as a “police station” because there was a discrimination between rich, middle and poor class; immigrants were put through an inspection process in which they were checked without their knowledge of what was going on and if anything was wrong

  • Ellis Island Essay

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    Ellis Island Ellis Island was 'the door to America' which was opened on January 1st, 1892. Immigrants came here from their countries to stay in ours. It was a major immigration station for the United States from 1892 to 1943. It has been part of the Statue of Liberty since 1965. Between 1880 and 1900 9 million immigrants arrived in America, which was the largest number of arrivals in a 20 year period. The immigrants mostly stayed in the New England areas, such as New York and Massachusetts. This

  • Ellis Island Trip

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    The Ellis Island Trip, taken by students in the International Human Rights class, taught by Upper School History teacher Stacy Savin, was held on Jan. 14. Originally, this class was called Nazi Germany Master Race up until last year. This year, it was changed to International Human Rights to cover a more general topic on genocide and the reaction to these said genocides. When asked the purpose of the trip, Savin said, “It is to explore the museum for immigration and the history of immigration

  • Ellis After Ellis Island: A Historical Analysis

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    to understand those events as they actually were, in all their peculiar contexts and circumstances.” Restoring Ellis