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  • Dancing En Pointe : An Art Form That Began

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    Dancing en pointe is an art form that began as an extension from classical ballet many decades ago. Dancing en pointe is when a ballet dancer, usually a female dancer, rises onto the tips of her toes with fully extended feet; rising onto her toes while wearing special pointe shoes gives the illusion of floating and being weightless. Pointe shoes became popular after Charles Didelot created something called the “Flying Machine,” this lifted dancers upward, allowing them to stand on the tips of

  • En Pointe Shoes: A Peep Into The Dance World

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    A peep into the ballet world In order for a dancer to go en pointe a (s)he must develop a certain amount of muscles that include, core muscles, leg muscles, lower back,and ankles. If a dancer goes en pointe without building those muscles it could really damage his or hers feet. On the bright side there are many very interesting things about ballet and pointe shoes. While en pointe or dancing in general the body muscles must be in use which consist of closed ribs, pulling up under belly button

  • No, En Vogue Can Not Prove A Legitimate Business Interest

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    No, En Vogue cannot prove a legitimate business interest because En Vogue did not have a notable investment in training Ms. Ramirez. In order to establish extraordinary or specialized training as a legitimate business interest, the training must provide defendant a unique skill or an enhanced degree of a previous skill, which goes beyond following directions from a box or learning from a person of ordinary education by reading a manual, and the defendant uses those skills to benefit a competitor

  • Harold En Italie Analysis

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    The second symphony by French composer Berlioz (1803-1869): Harold en Italie, Symphonie en quatre parties avc un Alto principal, Op. 16 was commissioned but never performed by the Italian violin virtuoso Paganini who had an intention to showcase his new Stradivari viola. Even though Paganini trusted Berlioz to write suitable music for his new instrument, his disappointment about a sketch in one of the movements led to ill-fated conclusion. Unluckily, due to incompetent conductor, plentiful wrong

  • Theme Of Empathy In The Cask Of Amontillado

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    Remorse is a product of a deep regret which is brought upon by empathy, something in which the character Montresor in the story “The Cask of Amontillado” by Edgar Allen Poe claims he does not possess, as he desires to commit the perfect revenge. This paper argues that the em dash used in the cask of amontillado signifies that Montresor feels remorse for his actions but rapidly recomposes himself, as the em dash allows him to blame his feelings “on account of the dampness of the catacombs” (pg.854)

  • A Journey Summary

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    “A Journey” is a short story written by Edith Wharton in 1899 as part of her collection of short stories called “The Greater Inclination.” This short story is about a wife and husband traveling from Colorado to New York. They travel in turmoil, due to the husband being very sick. He consequently dies, leaving the wife to reach New York on her own, while at the same time, covering up the death of her husband so she does not get booted off the train. While on the train, the wife has several encounters

  • Plato´s The Symposium and it theme Compared to the French Song La Vie En Rose

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    Life is pink, or so says Louis Armstrong’s version of Edith Piaf’s beautiful French song, La Vie En Rose. Plato is arguably the most famous philosopher from Ancient Greece. The Symposium, one of Plato’s most famous works, is a brilliant piece of literature centered on a group of men telling their own versions of what they believe to be Love. The Goddess of Love however, is the main focus of Plato’s work more so than the act of actually being in love. This becomes the men’s main focal point for the

  • Rhetorical Questions In My Last Duchess By Robert Browning

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    The poem “My Last Duchess” is a historical event that involves the Duke of Ferrara and Alfonso who lived in the 16th century. Robert Browning "My Last Duchess" presents a narrative about a recently widowed Duke who talks with an emissary had come to an arranged marriage with another lady from a powerful and wealthy family. In the perspective of Duke, power and wealth were integral in marriage and was determined to be married to a wealthy lady from a famous family. As the Duke orients the emissary

  • Examples Of Empathy In The House Of The Scorpion

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    Stirring Empathy In “The House of the Scorpion” At least every person has felt different or set apart from others before sometime in their life. Yet we all know everyone is different and no two people are the same, and the society constructed by Nancy Farmer in “The House of the Scorpion” is no different- except for the anti-hero Matt. After facing reality that he was cloned from a cow, Matt finds it incredibly difficult to live a normal life. He is consistently mistreated by everyone, especially

  • Entering The Mirror Maze Analysis

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    Dr. Len Hightower, the author of the article Success: Entering the Mirror Maze, aim to demonstrate people’s impotent of having a growth mindset, leading to an obscure future. Writing to the broad readers -- specifically educated individuals -- the author addresses the dominance a fixed mindset have over a growth mindset. To convey his purpose, Hightower creates his article using the shifting from third person to first person perspective, an em dash punctuations, and appositive phrases. One unique