Facial feminization surgery

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  • Ecological Systems Theory : The Ecological System Theory

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    Bree identifies as a woman and has recently undergone sex reassignment surgery. Bree’s age is currently unknown; however, she appears to be middle aged. Bree is economically stable, she is a waitress at a Mexican Restaurant in her town, her income allows her to live independently from her biological family. Presently, Bree

  • Gender Transition : Male And Diverse Population Of Patients

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    Gender Transition: Male-to-Female Transgender Patients Nurses serve a wide and diverse population of patients. Identifying and understanding the transgender population is an area of little research and training for nurses. While it is estimated that less than 1% of the population identifies themselves as transgender, it is a population comprising of all races, ethnicities, religions, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds (American Journal of Nursing, 2014). Society has long discriminated and denigrated

  • Bruce Jenner Transition

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    Some called him one of the greatest Olympians that the world ever knew. He was on top of the world in the seventies running while wearing the red, white and blue for Track and field. At the age of 65, he came out to the world that he was unhappy about his gender, as if he had been lying to himself. In a Diane Sawyer interview, he looks at a picture of himself in the Olympics, the man with his hands held high and all he sees is sadness, he also referred to his emerging true self as “her”. To his kids

  • Transition Of Gender Dysphoria In The LGBT Community

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    align their physical body with their mind. As one can expect, transitioning is an arduous process which can include a plethora of medical treatments, such as hormone replacement therapy, mastectomy / breast augmentation, masculinization / feminization facial surgeries, hysterectomy, etc. Trans people who physically transition are said to be transsexual, due to the change of their physical sex instead of simply the change of how they present themselves. Transitioning is often seen as the pentacle of a

  • I Felt That My Greatest Asset

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    Caitlyn Jenner expressed, “I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.” Caitlyn Jenner’s former name was William Bruce Jenner. This legend was born, originally as a man, on October 28, 1949 in Mount Kisco, New York. Biography states that she had dyslexia and struggled in school but was very talented in sports. In high school, Jenner excelled in water skiing, football, basketball, and track. She then attended Graceland College. In college, she was

  • Understanding A Piece Of Transsexuality

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    individuals mind is “physically, trapped in a body of the opposite sex” (Reitz, 1). This complication can motivate a person to change or die trying. In Germany, 1930, Einar Wegener had his genital organs reconfigured and became Lili Elbe. After four other surgeries implanting ovaries and lastly a womb, the attempt

  • She Fights Like A Man Essay

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    other women, not to mention it is discriminatory to exclude them. Men that undergo gender reassignment surgery are on the same level of a natural woman because they “have significantly less muscle strength and bone density, and higher fat mass, than males” as stated by Dr. Eric Vilain (Gregory Para 5). Often times male to female transsexuals have cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, facial reconstruction and fat relocation. During hormone therapy, patients are given estrogens, finasteride, spironolactone

  • In This Paper, I Will Discuss Transgender Children, Specifically

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    express, but it also includes transgender men and women who express a gender identity other than the one assigned at birth but do not choose to have genital alteration surgery. Both transgender and transsexual people may use hormones, clothing, makeup, wigs and/or hairstyles, and other types of surgery (such as facial feminization surgery or mastectomies) in their presentation of gender. Transgender also may refer to drag kings and queens, women and men who dress as the opposite gender for the purposes

  • Reflection About Masculinity

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    When I was small something was off…but as a four-year-old the weight of the decision and the very vocabulary that I needed simply didn’t exist in my lexicon yet. As the years went by my long hair and feminine mannerisms caused bullying problems, being called “faggot” and “queer” was my daily reality (this was the early 90s). After one particularly bad scuffle in the second grade I found myself staring at my long mid-back length hair in a bathroom mirror, my nose dribbling copious amounts of blood

  • Essay On Transgender Athletes

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    years for these changes to fully develop, you should wait at least that long before considering any drastic facial feminization procedures. What won’t change is your bone structure, including your hips, arms, hands, legs and feet (UCSF Transgender Care). In other words, a transgender female athlete who passes all Olympic regulations and therapies may eventually take on more feminine facial and body features but will maintain the same skeletal structure. As previously mentioned, a bigger bone structure