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  • Reflection Paper

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    and sporting spaces. More specifically, it effected the way we market certain areas and certain teams because of the assumptions we make up in our minds. In the following paper, I will be discussing my personal experience being the minority in at Coppin University. I will expand on my how I felt during the situation and why my upbringing effects the way I felt. Afterwards, I will use articles from

  • Internship Experience In Internship

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    INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE The internship commenced on August 13, 2017 ended December 5, 2017. Initially, there was two hours orientation. My supervisor is Ms. Denise Williams. She is the Founder of the Coppin Student Parent Organization (CSPO). Ms. Williams is an Academic Program Specialist and Co-Director of the Advisement, Retention, and Recruitment Center in the office of the Dean, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. The Organization was established in the spring, 2015. Her office is located