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  • Descriptive Essay About Marching Band

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    FINALLY made it after so many years of just trying to get past regionals for once. It was a bitter-sweet feeling waiting for placement awards at Lucas Oil Stadium. The instructors went around to each band student one by one. The congratulated us on an amazing season. I started tearing up, but that isn’t surprising. As we marched our way out of Lucas Oil Stadium that night, I knew that this was only the beginning of a new generation for the Marching Marksmen. ‘Enchanted’ was the name. Boy, was this

  • Star Wars: Myth or Religion? Essays

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    Star Wars: Myth or Religion? I was in a room, not a very large room, but big enough for the circle of odd numbered minds that had been assembled to discuss, debate, theorize, or maybe just waste time, on the topic at hand. I am a mere observer, with nothing more than a pen, my thoughts, and a strong will to keep my mouth closed when some reporter, author, or other member of the crowd makes some outlandish comment. I was there for no other reason than to make sense of what was being bickered

  • Symbolism Depicted in Poe's The Raven Essay

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    In the popular television show, “One Tree Hill”, Lucas Scott once stated, “Some people believe that ravens guide travelers to their destinations. Others believe that the sight of a solitary raven is considered good luck or more than one raven together predicts trouble ahead.” People have many different opinions about what ravens signify. In Poe’s “The Raven” it becomes clear that the raven symbolizes emotional suffering and also portrays a vivid understanding of reality. As the raven enters the

  • Art and Math: Golden Ratio and the De Divina Proportione

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    Mathematics has always been very prominent in art since the beginning of time. Mathematical tools such as the Golden Ratio and the De Divina Proportione have helped shape the art we know today. Famous artists and mathematicians such as Piero De Francesca, Polykleitos, and M. C. Escher are the founders of the amazing works of art we are familiar with. Even modern day mathematics has given art a new form, with Fractal Art. Without math, some of the art we have today would not exist. In the ancient

  • The Big Questions Of The Force Awakens By David Johnson

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    Topic: The speech that I had the opportunity to observe was called “The Big Questions of the Force Awakens,” which was given by David Johnson. The speech talked about some of the major questions and criticisms left by the movie as well as some philosophical topics that were thought to be discussed in the movie. Introduction: The speaker didn’t really open with a great grabber, all he did was ask us if we saw the movie and if we liked it. However, he made the presentation seem interesting because

  • Strategic Analysis Of Pixar, Winston Churchill

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    Strategic Analysis: Pixar Winston Churchill once stated “However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results”. The current business environment is rapidly evolving due to the pressures of changing technology as well as the increasing demands firms are under to expand regionally and globally. Successful organizations in this often chaotic and changing environment must continually scan their internal and external conditions in order to respond proactively to market conditions

  • Film and Its Impact on the American Culture

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    Modern film was brought to the Americas when the Kinetoscope, the basic film viewer, was first invented by Thomas Edison in 1889. This, along with his Kinetograph allowed short films to be displayed in Kinetoscope parlors; these would later evolve into the movie theaters of today. Many people loved the concept of movies because they allowed one to see different events from the comfort of a theater. Films however do more than just entertain they can also impact society in a beneficial or harmful way

  • Response to "13, 1977, 21" by Jonathan Lethem

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    Alyssa M. Gonzalez “13, 1977, 21” In Jonathan Lethem’s personal narrative essay, “13, 1977, 21”, Lethem reflects on when he was 13 years old, in the year 1977, where he watched the film Star Wars 21 times. But the essay is not actually about the Star Wars film. It is about the way Lethem used going to the movies to remove himself, or “hide” from the realities of his life, such as his mother’s illness and awkward pre-teenage years. The first few sentences of Lethem’s essay is where he blatantly

  • Star Tragedies: A Career In Film

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    Famous alumni from both schools have paved the way for a new breed of actors and directors. Actors like James Franco, who teaches at USC, and donations from alumni like George Lucas are all part of the reason why USC’s dramatic and cinematic arts programs are the best in the country. Throughout the history of USC’s arts programs one thing remains true, USC’s commitment to produce leaders in every industry is one of the reasons

  • The contemporary Hollywood blockbuster is not so much a film as a dev

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    “ I like ideas, especially movie ideas, that you can hold in your hand. If a person can tell me the idea in twenty-five words or less, its going to make a pretty good movie.” Steven Spielberg.’ For this essay I intend to discuss how Hollywood as an industry has used the marketing strategies of blockbuster films to significant advantage in film merchandising. Along with the use of mass merchandising as a form of marketing films, with the hope of creating awareness among the public. As merchandising