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  • The Importance Of The Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Of The Future

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    “I predict that the natural hoof care practitioner of the future will be less of a trimmer, than a diagnostician of healthy changes in the hoof and an expert at creating natural behavioral stimuli in the track that serve the adaptation mechanism”(Jackson). What I will be talking about in this research paper is shoeing horses. Contemplating the workings of horse hooves, I found that a horse being shod does not hurt the hoof like so many would argue because when a horse is working on hard ground -

  • Importance Of My Experience In High School

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    help around his property as well. After high school, I plan on entering the workforce and finding a job that not only pays well but one I can use my college degree and interest in. For my senior project, I plan on learning how to become a horse farrier. This choice most likely comes from the fact that I have grown up on a farm with horses of my own and have taken great interest in them. There is a side of me that enjoys working with farm animals, being outdoors, and applying the skills I know while

  • The And The Levi Jordan Plantation

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    Blacksmithing and the Levi Jordan Plantation Introduction Have you ever wondered about the mysteries of Texas plantations? Well, this paper will hope to solve some of those incredible mysteries. Blacksmithing is a cool job that keeps the culture of the medieval castles and knights possible. It is a great way to understand how life was in the past. Some other things this paper will go over are artifacts found on the plantation, differences from past life to today, things about blacksmiths, and how

  • Summer of the Mad Monk Essay

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    The Summer of The Mad Monk The year is 1936. Philip Tyler is an imaginative, 12-year-old boy. He lives on a farm outside of the small town of Delia in Alberta but their farm is suffering and their lives are suffering because of the Great Depression. They have lived in poverty for as long as he could remember, so he, like many other boys in that time had to be creative and imaginative. School was nearing the end of the year, and he and his best friend Digger had nothing to look forward to

  • Morgan Farrier Case Study

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    Having Morgan Farrier in my Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics class this year is a pleasure, and it is honor to write her a letter of recommendation for your university. Although I have only had Morgan as a student since the beginning of this school year, I can already tell she is going to do very well in my class. In that short period of time she has distinguished herself from her fellow students in regards to academics and personality. I have had several one on one conversations

  • Personal Narrative: Six-Horse Training

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    mom’s and I help.It wasn’t a big deal it was just someone in the world needing help. One day my mom and I get a call. “It’s from Mrs. Melissa” my mom says. (Mrs. Melissa is my horseback trainer.) We answered the call then Mrs. Melissa said “ the farrier is coming out on thursday and I will not be home in time to put the horses up and feed them. Will you please help me and feed the horses and put them up so that the horses can get there new shoes.” Of course we said yes. We loved the horses and wanted

  • Lameinitis Essay

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    help swelling of laminae. Anti-inflammatory drugs will help reduce the swelling. A farrier should be called to fit the equine with leather pads and heart-bar shoes. Treatment is to align the coffin bone. Trimming of hooves should be done by the farrier at interim of four or six weeks. Removal of the hoof wall that is separated can be performed in either case of laminitis, but the veterinarian must work with the farrier on this procedure. When an equine gets laminitis disease, it takes a long time to

  • Connecticut Equine Clinic Case Study

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    Connecticut Equine Clinic is the premier equine veterinary clinic in the Coventry, Connecticut region. Equine podiatry is the understanding of the form and function of the horse foot. Combining information from a physical exam, radiology and ultrasound with therapeutic farriery can relieve and prevent foot problems. Many problems associated with lowered performance and perceived behavioral issues may actually be signs of pain in the feet. Refusing jumps, difficulty in executing leads, loss of

  • My First Pair Of Black Patent Leather Buckle Shoes Essay

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    My first pair of black patent leather buckle shoes were so shiny. I was wearing cotton socks with lace trim that day. It was my first day of school; kindergarten. We were all sitting on the floor listening to Miss Bronk read us the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Her voice was fading off in the distance as I played with the buckles on my brand new shiny shoes. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Miss Bronk harshly spoke my name. "Take your shoes off and bring them to me." She said. I just

  • Personal Narrative-The Cow

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    The cow crushed me against the metal gate. The beast’s enormous ugly head pressed against my chest and refused to let me escape. I screamed, “SYDNEY! SYDNEY! HELP!” She came rushing out of the barn. By the time she reached me, the cow had backed away a bit, but it still stood with its head lowered, ready to charge us. “Katelyn needs to get rid of this cow,” Sydney said, “hold on… i’ll go get a whip.” The rest of the barn hands and I had repeatedly told Katelyn that the cow was vicious, but our