Frances Dana Barker Gage

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  • Sojourner Truth's Poem 'Ain T I A Woman?'

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    Ohio Women’s Rights Convention. At this convention her audience consisted of white men and women as well as African American women. She gave this speech to talk about her views on women’s rights and to promote equal rights of men and women. Frances Dana Gage was another woman active in women’s rights and she created an extended version of Truths’ speech by adding the impact her speech had on the convention. “Ain’t I A Woman?” starts off with a visual of how men think women should be treated and how

  • Sojourner Truth : A Black Woman

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    Sojourner Truth Being a black woman in America during the nineteenth century is not easy. For this reason, being a black woman and choosing to be the voice for others when women are being oppressed and fighting to protect their freedoms and rights to equal treatment is something to be admired. One woman that would fall into this category of admiration is none other than Sojourner Truth. Overcoming many of her own personal challenges as an illiterate ex-slave, Truth is a powerful figure in many

  • Betty Friedan 's The Feminine Mystique

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    Betty Friedan could be argued as one of the most prominent figures of the 2nd wave feminist movement in the United States of America. While she was most prominently know for her activism, she was also a writer. She used her passion for writing and fight for equal rights and wrote the best-selling book, The Feminine Mystique. This book looks to fight against “the feminine mystique,” which convinces women that to be a fulfilled woman they must be sexual passive, be dominated by males, and act as a