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  • The Dummy Test: A Short Story

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    I had a feeling if I told him my name, he still would've stool called me a brat anyways so I didn't bother. "What's keeping you from turning on the human's tailed beast powers." "Minato." I blinked, not knowing on earth who that was and replied like an idiot. "Huh?" "The only chance I have to ever coming close of getting out of this prison is if Naruto experiences extreme emotion. Which has yet to happen, but since you're like possessing him or some shit, can't you do something?" I rubbed the

  • The Witch - Original Writing

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    The children disappeared into vapor as she continued to tumble and by the third to last step of the staircase the knife was firmly working its way up through the witch’s jaw inching its way closer to its hilt. Soon it completely severed her tongue, and making its way into her sinuses. With the pressure put on the knife from being slammed into the second to last step, the knife began cutting into her brain. With the last step it entered her brain fully. Then, when the witch had finally hit the floor

  • Siddhartha Reflection

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    about himself. In a way Govinda is like Siddhartha’s shadow. He is always there to protect Siddhartha. Early on in the book Siddhartha and Govinda slip ways. Siddhartha took Govinda for granted sometimes and he really started to miss Govinda. Siddhartha finally started to miss Govinda. You could tell how much he missed Govinda when he had a very weird dream about him. Insert Quote. Govinda seemed to show up just in time to save Siddhartha. Siddhartha was Govinda is a key person in Siddhartha’s life

  • Creative Story : A Short Story

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    I know what they say, ‘you never really miss someone until they're gone.’ Until now I never truly understood this expression. I had always known my cousin was adventurous, in fact, I thought of her as an older version of me. However, I never thought she’d be on the other side of the world. Nevertheless, that is another story for a different time. Today was the day I’d get to see her again, the day we’d get to catch up, the day where it would be just like old times. I’d only have one day until

  • Successful Class Assessment

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    the purpose of asking meaningful questions is to insure that a subject is understood. Asking questions helps to avoid later confusion. I can relate personally to this attribute because, ask anyone who knows anything about me, and they will inform you of how inquisitive I am. I ask questions often to ensure that there are no gray

  • Narration in The Turn of the Screw Essay

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    Narration in The Turn of the Screw Henry James makes the governess the narrator because she keeps the readers’ interest by also being involved in the story as a main character. However, being involved on this personal level, it can make the governess exaggerate at times and be over-emotional. Her determined and curious nature makes her an ideal candidate to explore the mysterious happenings, however her imagination keeps the reader in suspense, as we are never sure how much she has exaggerated

  • Essay on Character Relationships in Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas

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    from 'Under Milk Wood' and discuss their relationships. In my essay I will talk about the following pairs: Mr Pugh and Mrs Pugh, Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard and Mr Ogmore and Mr Pritchard, Cherry Owen and Mrs Cherry Owen & Miss Myfanwy Price and Mr Mog Edwards. Mr and Mrs Pugh do not have a very good relationship - they don't get on at all. Mrs Pugh is always criticizing and nagging. She says to Mr Pugh that ''persons with manners do not read at table'', and

  • What Is The Journey To The Murder Of Drr. Orwell's Murder?

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    then split up Col. Mustard and I, miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock, and Prof. Plum went by himself because Dr. Orchid was not

  • Cement Planter Incident

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    For the past week, I have spent every waking hour trying to figure out an incident that occurred in my front yard: what had happened to a 400-pound cement flower planter, to be exact. On one relaxing Saturday evening in late November 2015, my sister came to visit and had noted our cement planter had been tipped over. With no account of who did this or when it had happened, I delved into the mystery of how this massive planter had tipped over. Before I get into this story, I’d like to point out

  • Sophomore Year Letters

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    you still have a while till you graduate so you still have to try your best. So the classes we will be talking about is English 10 with Mrs. Ladwigs, Speech with Mr. Oakander, Health with Miss Maresh, Spanish 2 with Miss Messerer, Fitness training (weight lifting) with Mr. Worm, Economic and Business Law with Miss Gestring, Geography and American History with Mr. Vanwinkle, Biology with Mr. Carmichael, and Geometry with Backstrom. I am going to give you some tips to help you in those classes. So