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  • Cancer Genetic Disease

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    Cancer as a Genetic Disease (Group 49) Genetic Causes of Cancer By Brendan McDonnell (14363221) Gene Mutations Cancer is caused by certain alterations to the genes that regulate the way in which cells function, particularly in terms of growth and division. These alterations include mutations in the DNA that make up genes. Mutations are unusual changes in the DNA of a gene.DNA is made up of building blocks called 'bases' and it is the order of these bases that determines each individual gene and its

  • Albinism As A Genetic Disease

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    Abstract This paper reviews albinism as a genetic disease and the effects it has on people born albino, as well as societies views. It also examines the work that scientists have done, and are currently doing to advance closer to understanding the disease and a cure. Albinism is a genetic disease that occurs when one of several genetic defects makes the body either unable to, or distribute melanin. This is normally set off by a mutation in one’s DNA that then causes a variety of symptoms. People

  • The Genetic Disease : Achondroplasia

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    Langford Abstract This essay will address the genetic disease called Achondroplasia. The disease will be defined, explain how the disease functions and will also how it feels to live with the disease. It will also address whether the disease is inherited by the parents, or if it is a chromosomal error. Finally, this paper will conclude by providing miscellaneous facts about Achondroplasia that are, or may appear, to be fun. The name of the genetic disease is Achondroplasia. Achondroplasia was first

  • Epidermis: A Genetic Disease

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    thousands of different genetic diseases that affect millions of people in our own nation and across the globe. Many of these diseases can be difficult to diagnose, having spectrums of different symptoms and characterizations, while some are relatively mild in their effects. One disease affecting around 50,000 people in the United States alone is called epidermolysis. This debilitating genetic disorder affects the epidermis, or skin, of those diagnosed. Although this disease was written about in

  • Genetic Disorders ( Genetic Disease Foundation ) Essay

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    There are around 6,000 known genetic disorders (Genetic Disease Foundation). The symptoms of these disorders range from memory loss to blindness, physical abnormalities and more. A process known as gene editing was created in an attempt to do away with genetic disorders. Gene editing was named “Science Magazine 's Breakthrough of the Year 2015” due to its ease and high accessibility (ScienceDirect). It works by using CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) and Cas9 to make

  • Achondroplasia Genetic Disease

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    Achondroplasia Achondroplasia can be known as dwarfism which is a genetic disease which shows of a disorder in height and bone growth . Achondroplasia is a genetic disease is a cause of Dwarfism. It occurs as a mutation is 80% of cases. It may be inherited autosomal dominant. People with Achondroplasia have a short stature. Identified by an adult 4”10 or under. Achondroplasia can be announced in an ultrasound before your born there is a DNA test. The gene mutation that is responsible for Achondroplasia

  • Treating Genetic Diseases

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    To date, over four thousand genetic diseases due to single gene defects have been discovered (“How many genetic diseases are there?”). These disorders are unavoidable because they are determined at the moment of conception. Since there are no preventative measures for such illnesses, the most doctors can do is prescribe courses of action for treatment or possible cures. Unfortunately, treatments and or cures for every disease have not been found. For example, researchers are searching for the faulty

  • Genetic Disease And Its Effects On The Body

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    Introduction Genetic diseases are being discovered more often as we learn the affects that genes have on the body. McArdle’s disease is a metabolic disease that affects skeletal muscle because of a gene mutation. The genetic mutation prevents the creation of the enzyme myophosphorylase. This enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of glycogen in muscles (Haldeman-Englert, 2014). McArdle’s disease is also known as Type V Glycogen Storage Disorder. It affects approximately one out of every 100,000

  • A Study On Genetic Diseases

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    In the late 1900s, scientists were able to describe a rare congenital genetic disease called “1p36” for the first time. Later, in 2001, a girl named Sonia was born; two weeks after her birth, she had heart failure and her parents had to take her to the hospital due to low vital signs. That was the first time doctors noticed that there was something wrong with her. A couple of days later, they realized that not only her heart wasn’t functioning properly, but she had low muscle tone, and seizures

  • Genetics, Disease Counseling

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    Genetic Disease Diagnosis, Screening and Treatment Advocacy and Decision Making in Genetics Competencies for Contemporary Nursing Issues (GNT1) Juanita Allen Janette Barney Western Governor 's University Task 3 724.2.5-03-08 724.2.6-02-09 Mr. and Mrs. Trosack have recently been told through chorionic villus testing, that their unborn child has Tay Sachs disease.As the case manager there should be several appropriate members identified for an interdisciplinary team to obtain information