God's Son

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  • Beacon Hills High School: A Short Story

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    as we drive into the schools parking lot, i see a parking spot right near the school sign Beacon Hills High School , why is it called Beacon Hills, is it because it is a beacon from the supernatural. we hop out the car and headed towards the entrance. when enter the school we both look at each other then start walking towards the office. >>>>> "class we have two new students" the says as we walk in "Kody and Jasmine" when i look at the class my eyes go straight to a boy with brown hair and a funny

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' Nine Days Later '

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    Nine days later Gray, nimbostratus clouds blanketed the L.A. skyline, the promise of rain becoming more of a threat with each passing hour. However, the bleak, November day suited Tom’s pensive mood, the impending storm mirroring the tumultuous thoughts brewing within his mind. After countless cups of coffee and only three hours’ sleep, he was on edge, caught in a web of his own making. He wandered in aimless circles around the living room floor, his pinched face showing clear signs of agitation

  • Life Is Strange :Life Is Strange?

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    Life Is Strange “What,where am I ?”Max says in the pouring rain.”There’s the lighthouse,i'll be safe if I can make it.”Please let me make it there.Max walks toward the lighthouse.Before she makes it there,the top of the lighthouse falls on top of her.She wakes up in class.”Wha-? It was only a dream.” Victoria throws a crumpled up piece of paper at Kate. Why can't Victoria be a good person for one second?Max takes a “selfie”.”Shh,you see Max has taken a selfie,a dumb word for an amazing work of

  • Diabete-Personal Narrative

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    This is it. Today will be the day to end the mystery of all the fainting I have been doing lately. I had my blood tested a couple of weeks ago, because my mom thinks I am diabetic. I don't think I am, but it's always better to be safe then sorry. I can't keep still, I really want to know what has been causing me to faint. The doctor finally comes in after an agonizing fifteen minutes. I become more anxious now, because the awnser is just seconds away, literally. It's being kept up in this human

  • The Prodigal Son ( Luke 15 : 11-32 )

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    Introduction The Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) is one of the most all-encompassing parables told in the canon of the New Testament. It carries both the simplistic messages about faith in god and forgiveness of sin, making it accessible to those with the most rudimentary understanding of Christianity as a whole. At the same time, it is littered with small nuances that allow for scholars to dig into the deeper meanings and the perfectly blended symbolism inside of text, in which historical, social

  • The Road By Gonzalez And Daughter Trucking Co

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    The Road and Gonzalez and Daughter Trucking Co, these two novels’ fathers delineate the close bond between them and the children. The road develops into a symbol of the storylines in these novels which initiates the stories for the daughter and the son. Furthermore, the road can be defining as a track to seek for survival and a chance of education. Within these two novels, father’s love

  • Augustine's Lust

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    he starts to realize that the motivation for his act is to love and to be loved. However, he struggles between the pleasure of love and the iniquity of lust because he fails to learn that there should be a constraint between two. He believes that God’s rage and anger is the punishment for his indulgence and makes him suffer from troubles and unhappiness. When Augustine was sixteen, his father raised funds in order to send him to Carthage to study. His father was praised because he tried

  • God 's Love Is Infinite, Unconditional, And Pure

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    Lourdes Rendon According to Laudato Si, God created us with love, God’s love is infinite, unconditional, and pure. Our creator gave us land, water, heavens, and much more other beautiful things. In addition to this, Pope talks about the disputed topic of the actual definition of “dominion” on Genesis 1:26. The bible states “Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeliness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the cattle, and over all the wild

  • Edward Albee 's Who 's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

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    children. I’m afraid! I don’t want to be hurt…(176)” where George realizes that Nick has no idea of her distaste for motherhood. However he never does get the chance to reveal the truth to her husband. Nick, who sits, listening to Martha’s story about her son, still has no idea because Honey cries out that she wants a child, and he takes it as common behaviour. Honey, even in a very drunk state, and barely audible knows that she needs to keep up with her lie and doesn’t let her confession to George get in

  • Death at Devils Bridge by Cynthia DeFelice

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    “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).” The love and respect for the outdoors is something everyone should value, many things promote this way of life, due to its extravagance and true freedom in this great creation. They can sometimes go to that outdoor place in books, poems, art, and even some news articles. Much of this world doesn’t get to see the other side of America; they don’t get to see the best part, the outdoors. The outdoors is hidden to many people