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  • The Effect Of Big Data On Public Health By Government Of India

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    In this part I have selected to discuss about the use of big data in public health by Government of India, as I have worked there. In recent years there is a rapid expansion in generation and use of data. Although in health sector there has been an increase in production of data, but little use of data have seen to improve health care. Mostly all of the data at individual level like medical history, doctor’s prescription, pathology reports, diagnostic images etc. and some data at community level

  • The Government Of India Is Not Much Valuable More Than An Animal

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    is not as a proper right. The government of India is doing in order to fulfil this right to life, started the Sarv shiksha abhiyan which provides free primary education to all children. Without education life is not much valuable more than an animal. Therefore Government started this scheme to provide free primary education. Under this project, we are going to discuss about this programme. We will also discuss about the history behind this programme. How government gave legal force to this programme

  • The Indian Business Environment Before Completing The Business Plans And Strategies Essay

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    India is a massive country known as a leader in cultural diversity, and also has the second largest population in the world. India has been opening its business environment to welcome foreign investors as well as foreign companies. The pharmaceutical industry in India has become one of the most attractive investment places in the world, which is estimated to be worth US$20 billion, and expected to grow over about 15 percent per annum (IBEF, 2016). Moreover, the country ranks very high in the third

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Foreign Direct Investment In India

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    Research Paper Foreign Direct Investment should be allowed in India in order to complete the cycle of Globalization and integration of Markets across the globe as well as to benefit India. Foreign Direct Investment refers to the type of investment into a country that is characterized by the inflow of funds from a foreign source that can be in the form of ownership such as stocks, bonds, infrastructural presence, etc. by the element of ‘control’. FDI is defined as the net inflows of investment

  • Lok Pal Bill

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    Proposed since June 2011. In India, the Jan Lokpal Bill (Hindi: जन लोकपाल विधेयक) (also referred to as the citizens' ombudsman bill) is a proposed anti-corruption law designed to effectively deter corruption, redress grievances and protect whistleblowers. The law would create an ombudsman called the Jan Lokpal; this would be an independent body similar to the Election Commission of India with the power to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without prior government permission.[1] The bill was

  • Impact Of British On India

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    Britain recognized India as the “jewel in the crown” because India was the most valuable colony they controlled. Indian’s life quality had a big improvement under the British’s rule. Britain had built a railroad line for India making long distance trading more possible and faster. The railroad line also brought people in different regions closer and made exchanging ideas easier. Other important public facilities and technologies had helped India to emerge a modern economy. India was also able to connect

  • India 's Influence On India

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    India is a well-known country that is located in Southern Asia, between Burma and Pakistan while bordered by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Distinguished with a long history, it is known that the north western Aryan tribes came to settle with the Dravidian tribe during 1500 B. C., thus creating what is now known as India (“Central Intelligence Agency”, 2007). India is a high ranking country that has made its mark in history, which has shaped the world today. From their love of culture

  • The Government Of India With The British Essay

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    There is a natural propensity to evaluate the Government of India with the British. But Indian Parliament and parliamentary institutions and procedures are not a copy of the Westminster system. There are fundamental differences between their system and Indian system. Democracy extends way beyond elections. However, the holding of transparent, credible and accountable elections is important for any democratic country and election observers make a significant contribution in this process. In this essay

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Health Insurance Sector

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    Health insurance in India and its benefactors Gautam Kumar (10bbl070) Introduction:- The new economic policy and liberalization growth followed by the Government of India since 1991 paved the way for privatization of insurance sector in the country. Health insurance, which remained vastly underdeveloped and a less important segment of the product groups of the nationalized insurance companies in India, is now controlled for a fundamental change in its approach and management. The Insurance Regulatory

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Skilled Workers

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    that there are 17 central government ministries that offer skill development enterprises through school education, institutes of higher learning and specialised professional training institutes. The humongous population alone cannot be India’s problem since China & Indonesia , with alike scale of population and training infrastructure, has better skilled labour (indicating higher skills, better employment and productivity). This