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  • Analysis Of The Rose In The Sick Rose

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    am myself at last" (Lawrence line 1). The writer seems to have struggled possibly in to the past trying to figure out who he is or what his purpose might be. This line suggests that he has finally found who he truly is and the freedom that he feels knowing this. He also shows that he knows his differences now from other humans or individuals around him just as a rose is different from other roses when he writes "And single me, perfected from my fellow" (Lawrence line 4). He is not suggesting that

  • Compare Remember And Longfellow

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    starting from the first line, but is increasingly uncertain until it turns commanding. Lines 3 to 8 show the uncertainties of the speaker as they do not know whether or not they will be able to “stay” with the person they are writing the poem to (presumably a beloved someone) or that they will be able to give them advice or “pray”. Yet, the tone takes on a strong personality when the speaker says: “Better by far you should forget and smile/Than that you should remember and be sad” (line 13-14) by this reassuring

  • ##timum Imperatures Affect The Activity Of Amylase

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    Abstract: This experiment’s objective was to determine the optimal temperature for amylase from two different sources and to analyze how different temperatures affect the activity of the enzyme amylase. The chosen fungal amylase was Aspergillus oryzae and chosen bacteria was Bacillus licheniformis to be analyzed. Six groups performed the experiment with each member assigned a different temperature. Four test tubes of bacteria, fungal, and starch were obtained and each label and assigned with different

  • I Am An Average Man And A Presumed Widower

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    Under The Rug This is the start of my journal. I am an average man and a presumed widower. I work as a passport inspector at the East Nary Checkpoint. I applied for this journal to express my thoughts with someone, my wife was deported a few days ago, marked as a political dissident. It’s a somber fact that my future children will grow up living without their father, one that I wish to overlook and forget these next few days. The work I do at the checkpoint is tedious and arduous. It was opened

  • Narrative Essay On Going To Chicago

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    train into Chicago, by myself! I’m only 11 years old, then call her on a Payphone! This woman has gone mad. 3

  • My Auto-Ethnography Analysis

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    My auto-ethnography encompassed a three-day stretch (Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon) in which I visited Boston to help celebrate my rabbi’s installation as the first woman rabbi in New England’s largest Reform Jewish Synagogue (Temple Israel of Boston). As points-of-reference: this particular rabbi was also the person who oversaw my conversation to Judaism and was particular influential with guidance during some very rough life events. Also, I have remain in close contact with both the

  • The Social And Cultural Environment Of Baltimore

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    79 percent of white men (Casselman). • The social and cultural environment in Baltimore is unique. Baltimore has a very distinctive history and each neighborhood has its own character and vibe. From East to West Baltimore, From Downtown to County lines, each neighborhood has its own diners or restaurants, shops and social centers. • Technological environment in Baltimore is advancing. Some consider it Baltimore to be an innovative culture. The NSA (National Security Agency) recently appointed some

  • Rockville Case Report

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    Rockville, Maryland's 10 largest city, is a densely populated city and the county seat of Montgomery County. The location of this city also makes it a suburb of Washington, DC, (only 12 miles to the northwest), which is a hub for major corporations, government offices, and several shopping and dining venues, and attractions. The residents of Rockville come from a nice blend of diverse backgrounds with dwelling types that range from contemporary single family homes to high-rise condominiums. Rockville

  • The Breaking Point - Original Writing

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    Everyone has a breaking point. I was close to mine. The walls felt like they were closing in around me. I was forced to walk in a single file line like a first grader. The only light was from the small openings in the rigid cement walls. My legs were screeching in pain. I have climbed hundreds of steps and it was unknown how many more. None of us had been here before. All I could tell was that we were going up fast and the ground was becoming farther away. The fear of plummeting to your death was

  • Descriptive Essay About My Day

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    In the silent neighborhood of Beall Avenue in Rockville, the alarm echoed for the fifth time to alert me that it was about five AM in the morning. It was June eighth, the day that I had been anticipating since I began ninth grade four years ago. High school graduation was finally here. My best friend and I got up quickly and started our day. Agnes applied foundation on my rough face and filled in my eyebrows. My lips were painted with rosy mauve and my smooth cheekbones illuminated. My hair was curled