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  • Film, Medium Cool, By Haskell Wexler

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    media during the fifties. I assumed as another decade passed, women would be portrayed more respectfully and accurately in many forms of entertainment. I assumed incorrectly. In a majority of what we analyzed, women were still treated like crap. Haskell Wexler’s film, Medium Cool, follows a news cameraman named John Cassellis. This character makes women look like they are just there for men to walk on and completely disrespect. Not only did he seem to be in a relationship with over 3 women, he was

  • Hope Elizabeth Baltes

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    Hope Hope Elizabeth Baltes is my little sister. Matter of fact, she is the only little sister I have. Hope was born with Down’s Syndrome. Down’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects her developmentally and physically. She has distinct physical features that are common among people with Down’s. She is also mentally behind for her age. Hope is also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which affects her thyroid and makes the thyroid work harder so she doesn’t gain any weight. She also has a three-millimeter

  • Independent Record Label Essay

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    The Music Industry has been a constant in the hearts of fans and the general public for years. During those years, music companies were ran a certain way that may have seemed successful for a while. Everything changed when Independent Record Labels were created. Music was revolutionized when the effects of Independent Record Labels took place, when Atlantic Records was created, and when founders, producers, and artists worked together to create a viable business and music outlet. Music was indeed

  • The Life of Aretha Louise Franklin

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    Aretha Louise Franklin also known as the Queen of Soul was born on March 25, 1942 in Memphis Tennessee. She is known for being a solo singer, and also a very talented pianist. Soul, R&B, Jazz, and Gospel are genres that she sings. Throughout her career she signed with Colombia Records and has released many popular singles that would now be considered classical. Aretha became the first female artist to be introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Up until this day Aretha is still alive living

  • Analytical Summaries Essay

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    Debra Crawford 2/4/2012   Predictive Probes Summary Nancy Wexler’s Mother died of Huntington’s disease it is hereditary, fatal, and happens in midlife. Ms. Wexler is a 38 year old woman and is the president of the Hereditary Disease Foundation. She is not sure of her own fate in life, because she doesn’t know whether she has inherited the same deadly gene that killed her mother. The uncertainty could be solved by a test to see if she has inherited the deadly gene. Nancy is in a

  • The Most Famous Guitar Players For Find Success At Fame

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    One of the more famous guitar players to find success at FAME was Duane Allman. In September of 1968, Allman went to visit Hall, with the hopes of joining FAME as a studio musician. Hall remembered that Allman “was a huge fan of the things I was doing – Jimmy Hughes, Arthur Alexander, Clarence Carter, Joe Tex. He knew about all the records I was cutting and was heavy into black music.” However, at the time, Hall did not need another guitar player. This did not scourge Allman and he stayed in the

  • A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Fluoxetine (Prozac) in the Treatment of Depression

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    BEHAVIORTHERAPY28, 187-210, 1997 A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Fluoxetine (Prozac) in the Treatment of Depression DAVID O. ANTONUCCIO University of Nevada School of Medicine and Reno V.A. Medical Center (116B2) MICHAEL THOMAS University of Nevada Dept. of Accounting and CIS WILLIAM G. DANTON University of Nevada School of Medicine and Reno EA. Medical Center/(116B2) Depression affects at least 11 million Americans per year and costs the U.S. economy