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  • The Tragedy of King Richard the Second: The Garden of the Kingdom

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    Shakespeare’s plays are not always easy to define how a particular scene contributes to the overall picture of the play. Looking only at the surface of the gardening scene in act 3, scene 4, the reader merely acquires that the gardeners are speaking about binding the apricots and plucking the weeds at the Duke of York’s palace. However, the gardening essentially represents a metaphor for the rule and management of the kingdom under King Richard II. It becomes important to examine a scene such as

  • King Galahor Get His Name Analysis

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    The year was 1275 of the Third Age when the dark sorcerer Mondain and his students slew Emperor Vaserd Atridius and his entire line of heirs; leaving the northern empire of Budalia in shambles. Seven warriors from each of the seven provinces of the old empire banded together and destroyed Mondain and his vile legion. The seven warriors then divided his magic rod into seven parts, to be distributed among them evenly so that no one person may ever claim them and cause disparity to the world ever again

  • The Deal Short Story

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    The Deal Once upon a time, King Patrick was drinking, singing and laughing with his fellow friend, King Paul of Greyland. *loud laughing from both King Patrick and King Paul* “Oh, my old friend, Paul, how is your wife doing along with the future heir, what’s his name?” Patrick questioned while being his drunk self forgetting. “Haha, my old friend, his name is Arthur, such a simple name” Paul smirk while drinking his drink. “Arthur and the sword?” Patrick said being silly “Haha, oh Patrick, you

  • King Porter Cleming Essay

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    In the Kingdom of Clemington, it has been passed down from generations to generations that the eldest child of the king becomes the heir to the throne as stated in the Divine Ordinance, which is the rule of law in the kingdom and is protected by the Moderators. Since the ruler of Clemington has limits to his or her power, there is a group called the Moderators who actually set rules

  • Whale Rider Reflection Paper

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    The movie is based on patriarchal mindset of choosing a male heir. The story of movie Whale Rider points to the sociological and theological values shared by the Whangara people in New Zealand. Historically, New Zealand has been ruled by the British Empire. Other than Christianity, one of the biggest religions practiced by the people is Hinduism. Surprisingly, the movie does not depict either of the religious values, nor shows any characters associating themselves with either of the faiths or faith

  • In the Heart of the Sea

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    In the Heart of the Sea In 1819, The whale ship, Essex, set its sails and departed from Nantucket, Massachusetts on a voyage to the Pacific Ocean to hunt and kill sperm whales and retrieve the abundance of oil the whales possess, which became a crucial component in 19th century industry [2]. The island of Nantucket had been one of the most important oil businesses for quite some time. For the crew of the whale ships, harvesting whales was a tough assignment; when a whale was spotted, the crew would

  • Creative Writing: Thoan Etirelle

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    Thoan Etirelle The kingdoms had been warring for as long as anyone could remember, yet now, faced with twenty years of peace, the current reigning kings had decided there was no more need to fight. To ensure there would be no more lives lost between the kingdom, a marriage treaty had been formed, and passed through the required king’s advisors and councils, quicker than the blink of an eye. They had all wanted the peace as much as the monarchs did. And how willing the monarchs were to marry off

  • How To Become An Outsider?

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    Government. Oh, and not to mention five different sets of kings, queens, staff, advisors, and heirs. These heirs are to take the throne at the age of 18. But they don’t do it alone. Before they can take the throne, they have to set up a marriage selection. What is the meaning of it, exactly? So when they take the throne, they can take it with their newly wedded king or queen. Their parents? They retire when the heirs turn 20. What they do is up to them. The siblings? They have the option to become the heir’s

  • Object And Scope Of The Hindu Succession Act 1956

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    be acceptable to all sections of Hindus and be equally upon them. With this end in view the Hindu Succession Act 1956 came into existence. It removes inequities between men and women with respect to rights in property and it down a common list of heirs entitled to succeed on intestacy. The Act has been passed to amend and codify the entire law of

  • Importance Of The Lower Class In A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court

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    In A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, written by Mark Twain, there exists a clear incongruence between nobility and the lower class. While knights and landlords live lavishly without a concern for acquiring basic necessities, peasants often struggle to feed themselves and their families. With so few individuals holding such a large portion of the wealth, a vast gap between the rich and the poor plagues society. For the most part, King Arthur remains completely oblivious to these issues