Henry Hobson Richardson

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  • The Era Of The Industrial Revolution

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    architectural designs of many architects of the time. Two of the most noted architects in the nineteenth century who were influenced by the architectural revivals were: Richard Morris Hunt, the leading architect to the Beaux Art style; and Henry Hobson Richardson, the father of the Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. The

  • 19th Century America

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    He created a style all his own and defined the American identity in architecture at a time where architecture had stagnated to become a constant recreation of historic forms. Richardson took the readings of Emerson and designed buildings that were replicating natural forms, attempting to unify the landscape and the architecture. As the creation of the Union Pacific Railroad came to completion, the Eastern Americans got a better

  • Architecture In Australia Essay

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    Australia. Warehouse style, prioritising functionality is similar to Romanesque style which has the widespread popularity in the 1880s and 1890s, stemmed from the influence of the American architect, Henry Hobson Richardson. Deriving from Romanesque and Renaissance elements and his own earlier work, Richardson designed the ‘massive but integrated’ seven-story stone warehouse, Marshall Field Wholesale Store. His "culminating statement of urban commercial form" of building was widely admired and its influence

  • Glessner House Analysis

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    Some Richardson photographs showed how he loved to be presented as a jovial medieval friar tuck to the world. For example, he was interested on broadcasting himself as neomedieval master builder and a pre-industrial craftsman. When he worked in his study in the frontispiece to his true principles of pointed or Christian architecture of 1841. Therefore, he attributed the ideas of arts and crafts movement spawned in England by pugin’s fol-lowers. As a result of that he gathered these ideas in a building

  • Orton Hall Essay

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    the addition of these semicircles is due to the influence of the Romanesque style of architecture. Orton Hall is an ideal example of the Richardsonian Romanesque style. This style is from the 19th century and was popularized by architect Henry Hobson Richardson. Aspects of this style which are all incorporated into Orton Hall include a heavy stone exterior, tower, steeply pitched roof, red clay roof, bay window and round arches (Fig. 4). Without these characteristics Orton Hall would lose all of

  • Louis Sullivan and the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building

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    Louis Sullivan and the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building “The Art Nouveau Jewel of Chicago” Written by Joss Ryan P10528830 History and Theory ‘ARCH 2031’ 2012 Louis Sullivan and the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building Page 1 Art Nouveau is a very renowned style of art, applied art, and architecture. It is an influential design movement and an international philosophy. The name “Art Nouveau” itself means “new art” in the French language, and is also known as “Jugendstil”