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  • What Home Mean To Me

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    As I sit on a plane in the economy class seat not knowing what awaits me, I begin to fall asleep quickly, and before I knew it, the stewardess was welcoming me to America. I never found a place to call home but, what really is the true definition of a home? I have never had a house for more than a year but, I've always stayed by my mom and brother's side who made me the way I am today. I watched my mom struggle to make a better life for me and my brother, going to college for another degree while

  • What Does It Mean To Be Home Schooled

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    1. When I arrive home from school, I change into something comfortable, a.k.a my real self, and lie down on the couch, ready to watch T.V. Home is where I can actually relax and not have anyone critique me nor am I obliged to act “normal”. I yell, I run and I even act along with reruns of shows. Homework time comes and I am in tears and agony trying not to stress myself or stay up late. Sometimes I feel ready to quit, but I remember my purpose in life. The day ends too fast and nothing is accomplished

  • Essay on What the Word Home Means to You

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    What the Word Home Means to You Home – noun 1. The place where you live. 2. The place where you where born or feel you belong. I feel that the dictionary meaning of home is the same as my opinion of the word. Home for me is where I feel without care and is where I can live without fear. My home is in Bolden Colliery, South Shields in that unique northeastern town of Newcastle in England. For me it was very hard to establish where home was because my parents

  • Essay about What Home Means to Me

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    What Home Means to Me In a matter of fact, home is a noun that is defined in the -Collins New School Dictionary as firstly, the place where you live, secondly, the place where you were born or you feel you belong. On the other hand, the dictionary also defines it as a place where people are looked after. The first meaning of the word home would not apply to me as I only have lived in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates for four years as compared to the seven years in Marseille

  • What Home Mean To Me Research Paper

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    What does home mean to you? Is it a place? Is it a feeling? To me, home is neither a place, nor a feeling, it is the people that surround you and care for you. These people can be your family or the people that you trust and have grown close to. Since the day I was born, my family and I were always moving from state to state. This is because both of my parents served in the United States Navy. To give you an idea on how often I moved, before I had turned 12 years old, my family had moved seven times

  • What It Means To Be Paid From Your Home

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    challenges of a 9 to 5 work routine is the commute. If you can work from your home or a place close to your home, you don't have to worry about leaving your children alone at home. You might also want to start your own business, because this enables you to set your own schedule. As parents, you might have acquired some skills that you can now put to good use and earn a tidy income. Become a tutor You can free up space in your home to teach other kids the finer points of language, math, geography, or other

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living With Family

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    parents home and start living independently. Suddenly when it's time to move out and live on their own it becomes overwhelming. Most teenagers think they are ready to take on the responsibility of living independently but when reality sets in, they realize that providing for themselves is surprisingly more difficult than living with their family. When living with parents a good portion of responsibility a young adult is given are tasks to get them prepared for early adulthood. This means sharing

  • Manufactured Home Essay

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    How to Get Your Manufactured Home Ready for Trade-In As we discussed previously about how manufactured home trade-in works, the condition of your home doesn’t necessarily mean that the home center where you’d like to perform a trade-in won’t take your home in a trade. However, the condition of your home can affect your trade-in options as you and your family search for your new dream home! Like we’ve said before, manufactured homes that are not in good condition or do not have trade-in value may

  • Data Collection Paper

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    Real Estate Research Week 2 Real Estate provides individuals with a source of investment for his or her future. Owning a piece of real estate could be a business investment, or in the case of this research, a home for an individual or a family. When a person purchases a home there are many things to consider. The most common information to review is square footage, price, amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and whether the house has a garage. Validating this information versus other statistical

  • Disadvantages Of Dehumidifier

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    Today, we are living an aura where the quality of air is excessively low due to pollution and other human-made causes. Even in homes, the surroundings are also not appreciable. It is hard to change the atmosphere for outside, but people can make it better in their homes by using a high-quality dehumidifier. It is an appliance that significantly decrease the excess level of moisture or humidity in a room and make it better. There are different types of dehumidifiers in the market, so you can make